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Posted A week ago

Hey guys,


sorry if this in the wrong forum but I'm looking for a song from GTA VC


I tried to find it by searching the playlists but I can't find it. Either I'm mixing games up or it's just not listed anywhere.


Let me try to describe it:



What I tried to google was "That action-movie instrumental everyone knows but no one knows the name of"

Somehow it reminded me of some Jason Bourne movie


It got some heavy drums in it, the rhythm goes like (bum bum tak, bumbumtak, bum bum tak, bumbumtak) and in the background there's some kinda distorted guitars (diiii-dap, diiii-dap)


Sorry but asking this I feel as weird as you guys do reading this.


Can ANYONE help me?


I'm quite sure it wasnt in gta:sa or something likely.


I'll keep on searching.




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Posted A week ago

Was it the song that played in the background in this cutscene? That's the only thing I can think of that seems to match what you're describing. I think Rockstar composed it themselves, too, so there's no name to it and, as far as I know, it was never released.

  • Murphis

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Posted A week ago



nah but kinda close call - I am 100% sure it was not a Rockstar composed one though.

I am also quite sure it was some instrumental music I've heard in a film before.


Maybe my brain is confusing two things here.

All I remember is it was at that pizza station near the junkyard (where you have to rescue Lance at some time) and there were many taxi drivers involved.

Not quite sure if it was background music. But as I said, maybe my brain is confusing things bigtime here

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Posted A week ago Edited by Femme Fatale, A week ago.

and there were many taxi drivers involved.

This is the first thing that came to my mind.

But no BGM. Try listening to every single song in the radio stations, maybe you'll recognize something.

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Posted A week ago


This? No?

  • Murphis

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Posted A week ago

Nah, not really


Damn it feels so bad because you guys are trying to think of it and neither can't find it


It's some kinda action music but as this thread goes on i am starting to think its not related to gta vc

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Posted A day ago

How you explain it make's me think it's this.


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