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Where wouldn't you live in SA?

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I don't know if there's a similar thread...but this is the counterpart of Where would you live in SA?


In my opinion I wouldn't live in any town from the desert including Las Venturas coz I dislike hot and dry weather. Also I wouldn't live in low class areas like Jefferson, East Los Santos, Willowfield, El Corona, Idlewood or Ganton because of crime, I include Doherty because of its decadence. I prefer to live in San Fierro fancy areas like Calton Heights, Queens, Ocean Flats, Paradiso and Palisades or have a fancy ranch on the countryside (Red County or Flint County).

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Posted A week ago

Definitely nowhere in East or South Los Santos; Inglewood, Jefferson, Playa de Seville, Willowfield or Corona.


In SF, Doherty.


In LV, Whitewood, Creek, or Red Sands. The hell with anywhere in Bone County. Snake farms, body pits, military base, airliner graveyard, ghost towns, deserted Indian pueblos, huge radiotelescope, a UFO themed bar, brothels, dams in the middle of the desert, oil rigs. Oh yeah, a giant rooster and a f***ton of hot dry sand. The whole place is like the set of "The Hills Have Eyes" or the Trinity test site. Its so bad that you actually feel like you've reached civilization if you make to Fort Carson where Marvin Trill is yakking on air about aliens and Kifflom next to a trailer park. The women might be worth flirting with if they would stop talking about their trailer and the last cousin they scored with.






if I'm slumming, I might use that one safe-house in west Jefferson if I feel like hanging around the skate park or looking for trouble in Ganton/Inglewood


I did make a little crummy flat across the street from my LA office to duck in from time to time. I like it for a modest place to take a quiet break or stay if I'm downtown "over night". Its nice to go small sometimes. I like to celebrate my trashiness sometimes.





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Posted A week ago

"Worst place in the world, Rollin' Heights Balla country."
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Posted A week ago

I would not live in parts of the city with extreme hills where I can't drive my car, this includes both poor and rich northern Los Santos: Mulholland and Richman. It seems that in older games the height component is always exagerrated due to size compression, even if it doesn't work.

I would also not live in the desert because I've never been to a desert and it feels alien like Mars. Maybe having a secret hideout base in a remote area around Arco del Oeste would be nice. I see no reason for choosing Fort Carson, as it is a town with police department, and both Bayside and Palomino exist with better climate.

On my SAMP server I see that most people prefer Mulholland and Fort Carson. In those conditions, where the desert is quite populated, I would rather choose a secret base in Back of the Beyond, and not die of thirst.

I'd skip any area with Spanish language names everywhere on streets and shops.

Inglewoood roleplay... We will always be there or something.

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Posted A week ago

* You can forget about anywhere in South or East Los Santos. Even if the gangs don't kill me, there is still a very high chance that a stray bullet will, with all the constant gunfights between rival gangs that pop off every other moment. 


* Anyone of the desert towns. They feel too isolated and right in the middle of nowhere. 


* Angel Pine - waaaaay too remote a small town, even though it's in a beautiful location. 


* In SF, I'd avoid Doherty and Garcia, it seems to have a lot of street crime. 

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Posted A week ago

1. The aircraft graveyard in verdant meadows-
Besides extreme weather of desert there is area 51 with dangerous canons firing at you as you try to fly

2. Doherty and most areas in SF-Very boring place imo

3. Any house high in the hills

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