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Is there any way to take measurements inside safe house in-game?

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Martha The Gnome
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Posted 2 weeks ago

There is one safe house in GTA:SA that I really like (North Las Venturas). I was wondering if there is a way to take measurements of the inside of the house, perhaps using some sort of external program. I want to, at some point, make it a reality, if that is at all possible.

  • Lazlo_

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Posted 2 weeks ago

If you mean how do you measure the units between points, I often use the Sanny Builder IDE Tools/IDE Tools/Coords Manager. Sometimes it takes some guess work and re-calculated estimations. Thats how I plotted the dimensions for the water in my pool out back and cull zones to keep it from raining inside my garages and boat houses. Or I suppose you could use Map Editor. Depends on what the goal or environment is. Or sometimes I even use Place Manager, a sort of teleporter and use CJ as a surveyor. If you cant use CJ, Map Editor probably gives the most precision.


Hope any of that helps. I dont think I can be back to elaborate soon, but I'll follow up when I can

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Evil empire
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Posted A week ago

The game calculates the number of meters you ran in real-time.

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Posted A week ago

Ideally, if you wanted to re-create it in real-life you'd be better off with ripping the 3d model and importing it into a modelling application; then producing the blueprints from there.


Measuring it in game will produce too many inconsistencies due to wall widths and CJ model dimensions.

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