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That 'one bad day' stories...

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by Lazlo_, 2 weeks ago.

If you follow news in the US, video games, even ours by name, are being blamed for rampages again. It's nonsense of course.
But in San Andreas, I admit I've had some bad days, right out of the movie "Falling Down".
I'd like to hear about  your San Andreas triggers, the things that turn your otherwise peaceful roam-play day into a catastrophic clusterf**k of awful. The incidents that lead to a cascading sequence of events that begins with a mundane cruise to Roboi's to get a soda and turns into a 4 star calamity with cars piled up on the interstate while choppers swarm overhead, 10 dead civilians, 8 dead cops, SWAT teams taking positions on you in your underwear at Pershing Square wearing a parachute that you don't even remember where you got it from, and while you're down to waving a dildo at FBI agents screaming obscenities from the middle of the fountain pool riddled with bullets, there's still an old woman trying to kick your butt for dinging her station wagon two blocks away.
A hail of gunfire later, and the next thing you know you're standing outside the police station with no ride or weapons, $300 poorer, at which point you remember you should stop at Roboi's for a soda.
For me, its always that ped, Male01, who can't drive worth s**t. and seems to love smashing my tail or head lights. Again. And Again. Finally I snap, shoot the pr**k, a cop sees me, and its off to the races. Or the day I snapped and took a position at the Robada Intersection, and just spent 15 minutes executing every g*****m cab driver that went by after they rammed me from behind about 6 times in 15 minutes.
I feel better already. How about you? What gets you into Terminator mode?
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Posted 2 weeks ago

I get really upset when my supposed "homies" tell me my clothes are bad or I need new clothes.

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by Lazlo_, 2 weeks ago.

I get really upset when my supposed "homies" tell me my clothes are bad or I need new clothes.



lol I know that feel


When you're already having a beat down day in the game and some ped randomly rips on your cologne or whatever and I finally snap


You just got your newly repaired car rammed by some drunk running from the cops, you spent the last five minutes dodging the police because some bike-cop pulled out in front of you at the light and clipped your head-light, you've been trying to get to the Cluckin Bell for the last 15 minutes while your stomach is growling, you've had to replace your body armor twice, some moron on a motorcycle hit you as you get out of the car to pop some bad driver and as you're getting up, he has already sped off while some ditzy broad literally is using her car to push yours out of her way and into a light pole, your homies show up but cant shoot a cop standing three feet in front of him, the rain starts making the roads slick and some shoot-out down the block sends cars into a panic as they bang your car up while they pass, and as your standing there hungry in the rain with busted armor and a car that went from new to smashed in less than a minute sitting still-


Right then some hood-rat walks by: "Man, do you shower in doo-doo?"





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Posted A day ago Edited by Obb Porff, A day ago.

Hey Lazlo, did the events of first post happen to you in game? Lol!

My worst day:
This once, I was in Jefferson driving a modded Turismo. I was driving nicely and felt quite proud. Then I accidentally ran over a ped while speeding. I didn't see him clearly, so I backed up and exited my car to see the ped. When I got out, before I could even turn around I was run over by a blue broadway driven by a blue ped with white hat. I was enraged. I pulled him out and he ran off but I ran him over 😆. Revenge complete 😈

But then, two more vehicles came and rammed my car! I was like wtf?!! Since I could not follow two people at the same time I simply resprayed my car. 😆

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