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How do you get 100%?

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  • Curtis

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Posted 2 weeks ago

I'm curious, what do you guys do to attain 100%? I do a little bit of starter save, but only on that island. And then along the way, I do everything before the last mission. I don't bother with glitching or risking death to get to the other side of the map just for a thing I'd rather do later.

  • Keano

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Depends. I try and do it differently each time. Generally, I like to complete the main story before going after things like Rampages, Hidden Packages, Graffiti, Flying Rats, etc. In the case of GTA III, I will always go for side missions such as Taxi Driver, Paramedic, etc on Portland once they become available due to every street gang's obsession with wanting Claude dead as the game progresses. 

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Must do all side missions, after completing main missions.

  • Mocozmo

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Posted A week ago

This sure takes quite some time, but if you really want to complete the game a 110% check out the link below, this is some serious stuff.


Gta Sa 100% completion

Am Shaegar
  • Am Shaegar

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Posted A week ago

I maintain different starter saves with certain % of activities already achieved, and depending upon the gameplay approach I'm interested in playing to attain 100% completion.

The starter saves mainly include all the collectibles, and specific side missions that are boring to replay on each playthrough like taxi missions, Amb/Fire/Pimping etc..
I also have a starter save with maximum amount of missions already completed except for the story missions, really great for experiencing the storyline without any kind of interruption during the gameplay and also useful for a speedier 100% completion walkthrough.

  • Sleepwalking

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Posted A week ago

I complete main story, become rich; get every good weapon & good car. Then go and do side missions / activities / find collectibles etc. They become easier.

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