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Old-Fashioned Grinding... still an OK way to make money for low level players.

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  • smartergaming

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Here is a video of some old fashioned grinding.


It show cases 3 missions that are available at rank 5, 35 and 45.


These do not require any special cars, helicopters, planes, etc.


All you need is your character and any gun... 


It is best to time the missions so that you complete them just over 4 minutes in mission (time it from when the banner drops at the start of the mission to when you deliver the car or docs).


If you run into game variations or issues, the time for payouts to change is 4+, 6+, or 8+ (1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 are the times where payouts go up). 100% pay is at 4 minutes and it increases 20% every two minutes. So you are going to make more money doing the missions at just over 4 minutes than waiting for the 15+ mark. 


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Posted A week ago


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Posted 6 days ago

Been playing since day 1 and a good grind session still pays out the best.  Just make sure you take the missions to the 15 minute mark to get the full payout.

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  • RUFF_inthejungle

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Posted 5 days ago

Also played since day 1 and I've made more money on contact missions in the last 8 months than all the prior years of heists, survivals, or anything else. Go to invite only sash from story mode (short load times with no other players!) use quick job to jump from mission to mission; bring an armored ground vehicle (Kuruma, Insurgent) or an aircraft along with some skill and discretion (Savage is relatively affordable, very powerful and can transport the team, just don't blow up the Titan, coke or meth). Play it smart, support your teammates, make full use of cover and high ground and always run over the lazy bastards that just stand in place waiting for a free ride.

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Posted 4 days ago

Been playing since day 1 and a good grind session still pays out the best.  Just make sure you take the missions to the 15 minute mark to get the full payout.


Again, WRONG. I'm not trying to be rude but you are clearly factually incorrect bc 15 min does pay the most, 4 min pays half of that, include all loading time etc its under 5m solo, and you get 10k instead of 20k in about 16 min, which is better?

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  • Lucy_Woooolfe


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Posted A day ago Edited by Lucy_Woooolfe, A day ago.

Shorter mission run times also work very well filling up the cool down periods of CEO Work/Challenges, where you get very decent money for quite interesting activities, too. All this working in closed lobbies, mind :)


However, once in a while you feel more like playing on the laid back side, and heading for the 15 minute mark does make sense then; with many missions it's practically afk money for you & your crew.

  • ferguson99

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Posted 22 hours ago Edited by ferguson99, 22 hours ago.

You beat the good old rockstar missions,  lots of fun with jet pack and delorean.



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I have the tools for low level players to use and get the job done

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