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Remove 15 Colombian Heads in 120 seconds [Sniper Rifle]

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Ice Cream Man
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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by Ice Cream Man, 2 weeks ago.

99% finished all achievements stuck on  sniper task . Beheading these guys has been extremely difficult.  Keep shooting these guys in the shoulder. When aim is on point, reaching number 10 they stop spawning frequently.


Any tips Is buying a new controller the solution?

  • Mr.ClaudeFan

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by Mr.ClaudeFan, 2 weeks ago.

Exiting the sniper zoom mode and walking around a bit seems to get them to spawn for me. You could always jump to the street below and try to get to that series of garages that's right ahead from the vantage point ramp; the ones behind the police station with pickups. Also, try waiting until the moment the Colombian heads pass under the scope's red dot to fire.


I feel your pain; this is the hardest rampage in the game if one isn't on PC.

  • oscareczek

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Posted 2 weeks ago

this is the hardest rampage in the game if one isn't on PC.

One word: flamethrower.

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Posted 2 weeks ago

No.. Rocket launchering the Yardies I always found to be nightmarish. For the Colombian heads one I remember hopping behind a fence in one of the houses so I was mostly protected, then aiming directly up the sidewalk so the Colombians heads were all nicely lined up, taking a shot or two and spinning around, allowing them to respawn.

  • stef_92

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by stef_92, 2 weeks ago.

This rampage is a pain in the ass on mobile because of the issue you pointed out + bad sniper controls (the aim moves too slowly). They improved it in VC mobile but yet nothing was changed in GTA3. I failed it so many times and managed to finish it on the street. If you are inghe beginning of the game when the columbians still don't have AK-47 you have bigger chance to survive.

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