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The Pit™ Public Lobby and Access Contest

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  • Error2k


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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by Error2k, 3 weeks ago.

Visited GTAforums today
Mods are still gay
My raps are whack
Rules suck
My thread gets locked
But at least I don't suck Raavi's cock

  • JohnLS


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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by JohnLS, 3 weeks ago.

You saying this is the deal.

When your sh*t ain't even real.

Look at your dumbass,

Can't even rap for ass.

You are so f*cking weak,

You gonna cry till the next week.

You a big motherf*cker.

And you weak like a rubber.

  • Reameb

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  • Mexico


Posted 3 weeks ago

I can't rap for sh*t but I can still make you sh*t yourself
Still living at your moms place cuz you can't make any advance
Haters tryna hate but they drivin auto bitch switch lanes and stop being a liability
Fuccbois get mad because they tryna get something but they get the middle finger 
You brag about getting pussy on a gta forum but last one you touched it was your moms.
Bitch we outlaw your existence is meaningless, your crotch is dickless.
I step on the gas hit the clutch and you're history lawless and fearless.
oml what a piece of cringe tho

  • GlorifiedPig


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Posted 3 weeks ago

Yo the name's GlorifiedPig

My dick is super big

All ya'll rappers claim that but for real yours is the size of a twig

Now I can't rap

And I can't sing

But that don't mean I ain't no king

Maybe not the king o' rap,

Maybe not the king o' glory,

But for real, I am the king of the observatory


*Soft in background*: Get it cause I shine like a star?

  • Cohex17

    Q is just O with a cigar.

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by Cohex17, 2 weeks ago.

You losers think u can rap, but really, i used ur raps to wipe after my last crap. Your rhymes are a disgrace to the whole human race, if this was race you would be in last place, and oh yeah, you wouldnt know a good rhyme, if it slapped u in the face. I think its funny, how yall think u got game, when really what you got is straight up lame. if i were you, i would be ashamed to tell anyone my first name. You say altergut runs this thing? well i just raped his alterguts so remember my name. no big hate, im just pissed off 

  • Cohex17

    Q is just O with a cigar.

  • Victim of The Pit™
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  • Bosnia-and-Herzegovina


Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by Cohex17, 2 weeks ago.

you better pack to the back
cuz i aint afraid to smack
and skillz is what you lack
got you all mad 
now to get you sad 
cuz my skillz are rad 
cuz yall raps are sad
(not really yall raps are dope)

  • Miro

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  • Zaibatsu
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Posted A week ago

You know the forums went to trash when such a topic exists. :D

Short Stay
  • Short Stay

    Two legs good, six legs better

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Posted 4 days ago

I wouldn't join any club that would have me.

  • Jasmine_Azzi

    Smile…It confuses people..!!

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Posted 3 days ago

World’s falling apart but I pick up the pieces and put them back together, cus they can’t stay broken forever, To mend a broken heart, I say things so clever whether or not I believe whether or not they’ll succeed to better my thought and reality, but the forecast stays the same, so the bad weather causes me to endeavor to pull down that lever to flip off the light inside my head, powers out, ideas go dead, the floors are stained with red from dreams filled with lead. The lies I’ve self fed go on to become cries from my bed as I try to pretend that this isn’t the end commencing. Im grimacing, the plot is thickening, everything seems so menacing, witnessing the change, feeling nothing but shame. But then again I feel insane, yet I stay the same through all the pain, so there is no one but me to blame. When will the weather stop with rain.

  • CoolMods

    If you set your last active to private you're f*cking edgy

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Posted A day ago

My new thing is "forgivers"

Y'all niggas look like beavers

feelin just like a nigga


Y'al raps are lazy copy-pastes from instrumental videos on YouTube. Take time and write your rhymes, than being a corny escaping.

  • floof

    Ghetto Star

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Posted A day ago

I've got some hot and spicy wraps that should gain my entry to your social club.


ghost of delete key
  • ghost of delete key

    chrome vanadium

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Posted 7 hours ago

Whoa... The Pit™ returns after all these years??

if only Brassknuckles was still here...



I got every motherf*cker running ducking under cover

got my hand in my pocket

don't make me pull out my rocket

cuz then I'll have to cock it

and you know that my glock it's

gonna have to make a mess, yo...



Yeah, something like a rap, idc. :D

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