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[REL|MP2] Max Payne 2: Fixing the Payne

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Posted 4 weeks ago Edited by The Eddo, 4 weeks ago.

Max Payne 2: Fixing the Payne
by the Eddo


* Shootdodging now really doesn't require any Bullet Time at all, the internal value is now set to 0% (was set to 0.01% in the original game).
* Fixed game difficulty-related bug where you would get akward amounts of ammo when playing on the "Detective" difficulty level.
* Fixed Dead Man Walking, Jump to Chapter and New York Minute modes' shoddy level initializations, now all levels are loaded the same way the game starts a new game.

* HUD icons on the left side are now spacious and the remaining ammo text has been slightly repositioned, they no longer look like they're "morphed" into each other.
* Corrected HUD, graphic novel and probably menu sounds, now the way they are played matches the first Max Payne game.
* Fixed "Coder" console command, infinite painkillers are now properly given (this bug here too?).

* Mona now has two more lines of dialogue in "Out of the Window" to match her three dialogues in the end of "Blowing Up" (she has only one line in the original game).
* Sounds and ambient tracks are all now perfectly audible, some sounds weren't even audible in the original game! Prepare for the best sound experience ever.
* Corrected the ammo issues of the picked up weapons and ammo-boxes:

Picking up a Striker ammo-box, or rather, the Striker ammo clip now gives ten bullets instead of twenty.
Picking up a Striker itself now gives ten bullets less than in the original game, it gives five bullets now.

Picking up a Sawed-Off Shotgun now gives two bullets instead of four (this bug also here too?).
Picking up an Ingram now gives thirty bullets instead of fourty-five.

* Fixed damage sounds of the one-armed variant of Vlad, they are now correctly the one used by the two-armed variant of Vlad.
* Fixed the second nightmare level's skybox, it previously didn't exist, now it's the one used in the third nightmare level.
* Max now correctly has a Beretta at the beginning of "Love Hurts" as the initial cutscene clearly shows.

* Restored exclamation mark sign, complete with proper position and size ala MP1, and Remedy packed the unused texture into a .DDS, which means better texture quality.
* Restored the "tip" sound from MP1, the sound file is in the game in higher quality (or is it?) but it went unused.
* The Grenade "weapon" is now given as well at the beginning of "Love Hurts".
(The game normally gives you the "ammo" for Grenades, but doesn't give you the "weapon" Grenade.)

* Added five new console commands, the first three were present in MP1, but missing in MP2:

"NoClip" - Allows you to walk through dynamic objects.
"NoClip_Off" - Disables NoClip.
"GetInfiniteAmmo" - Sets all weapons and painkillers to be infinite.

"DebugLight_Off" - Turns off the big white debug light, which can be turned on with the "DebugLight" command.
"DrawCollisions_Off" - Turns off collision visualization, which can be turned on with the "DrawCollisions" command.

* Sounds now take two seconds longer to fade after the player dies.
* Bullet Time reload cams are now skippable, so no need to wait for Max to complete his not-so-amazing stunt now.

* Cinematics are now instantly skippable, keep any key held down while a level is loading to insta-skip the cutscene before even a single frame is rendered.
* Added "get damage" sounds to Max and Mona, the damage sounds are in the game but they went unused, except for Max's sounds.
* Vlad's Desert Eagle in "That Old Familiar Feeling" now has seven bullets instead of ten, because he shot Mona once and then shot Woden twice.

* Rifles, ammo-boxes and painkillers now have individual pickup sounds, they work just like in MP1 (ported from MP1 itself).
* Added a new, separate Bullet Time bonus for killing boss enemies (it is only 0.05 higher than the bonus given for killing commandos).
* Grenade explosion sound now sounds awesome, like in MP1 (ported from MP1 itself), the original grenade explosion sounds are still used by other things in the game.

* Pool balls are now physically as dense as hard plastic, not as dense as glass.
* Heavily improved some motion-capture cutscenes by adding new code and uncommenting some special lines of code that was written but went unused, see for yourself!
* All AI-controlled Max and Mona models are now no longer shoddy recreations of their playable variants, they are now significantly improved in the terms of:

Behaviour (unique AI behaviour in combat, they now use the same behaviour as the one used by the AI-controlled Max in "Out of the Window")
Animations (all of the ones normally used by the playable models, except the shoot anims)
Damage sounds
And many other internal statistics

* Added one new Molotov explosion sound (ported from MP1), now there are three of them in total.
* Painkiller bottles now sound like they're made out of metal and you can even hear the pills rattle inside them now! Credits to The_Silver at ModDB for the sound file.
* Grenade pickups now have a proper collision sound, the sound used for it is the one when you throw a Grenade and it collides with something.

* Molotov pickups now have a proper "glass bottle" collision sound.
* Jump to Chapter now gives you all of the weapons that were possible to collect in the level before the one you selected to play.
* Mona's weapons from "The Genius of the Hole" now carry over to "A Losing Game".
(I wasn't sure about the amount of ammo so I did a long playthrough of the game and used the amount of ammo I collected so far as the setting.)

* Mona now has complete access to all weapons and their ammo-boxes, except Sniper Rifle and it's ammo-box.
* A Sawed-Off Shotgun now can be found on the sofa in the middle entrance hall of Woden's Manor in "Love Hurts", it felt missing in that level.
* Vlad's left arm is 0.25 more vulnerable than usual in "That Old Familiar Feeling", it's strange how his arm was suddenly fully healed.

* Killing Bravura and Winterson in the first nightmare level now gives you the new "Boss" Bullet Time bonus.
* The first nightmare level also uses the third nightmare level's skybox now.
* Mona now has a Desert Eagle in the initial cutscene of "Love Hurts" and switches to the Dragunov afterwards since her crouch animation in the cutscene is one-handed.

* Max and Mona now no longer wear their headsets in the ending cutscenes of "The Million Dollar Question" and "The Genius of the Hole" as it's not needed anymore.
* Vinnie Gognitti's costume now has dynamic shadows, normally it's set to use a single static shadow.
* Max now drops his gun in the ending cutscene of "The Million Dollar Question" as his hands' animation suggests.

* Bullets are now clearly visible during gunfights, so now you can avoid damage by dodging them.
* Restored a special Sniper Rifle bulletcam triggered when you shoot an enemy while in scope mode with maximum Bullet Time efficiency, this is in the game but went unused.
* Vlad now grabs his left arm after getting up and kicking Max in the initial cutscene of "That Old Familiar Feeling", letting the player know of his new weakness.
(The sub-animation for this feature is in the game but it went unused.)

Note: Not all features are completely told, you must play to find out more.


1. Put the "data" folder right next to "MaxPayne2.exe".
2. Start the game by clicking on "MaxPayne2.exe" or by using the shortcut on your desktop (if it exists), and wait for the launcher to appear.
3. IMPORTANT! Select "<none selected>" in the Choose Customized Game drop-down box (if it's greyed-out, which happens when the game finds no .MP2M files, skip this step).
4. Click on "Play".


The whole mod - The Eddo
"Painkiller rattle inside bottle" sound - The_Silver (actually, it's the painkiller pickup sound from Max Payne 3)


Get the mod here: http://s000.tinyuplo...896874079583939

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