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Detailed DLC Concepts for GTA Online should have a subforum.

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Posted 4 weeks ago

The wishlist topic is fine for brief suggestions, but it makes little sense for more expansive ideas to go hidden throughout several comments replying to the last requests - and hidden deeper under newer ideas. Not only that, but you tend to see the same ideas return from different users, as it's hard to keep track of every concept scattered throughout pages of miscellaneous comments.

If a subforum for detailed concepts was added then users can search through each idea clearly and only see the comments that are related with it. Consequently, this would also stop people posting concepts in the wrong places and annoying those who dislike it.

Concept creatures would have a place to share their ideas with a fair amount of attention, users interested in concepts can search for them easier and those who dislike them don't have to see them. It's a win-win.

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Posted 4 weeks ago

More expansive concepts are already allowed as separate threads in the Online section, it's just the lower-effort ones that are left for the wishlist topic.

We've had a separate subforum for concepts before within the GTA Series section, but that got removed/merged with the main section because it barely got any traffic.
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