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Could you survive a week using only 2000's tech?

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Poll: Could you survive a week using only 2000's tech? (10 member(s) have cast votes)

Could you make through a week using only 2000's tech?

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  2. No, modern-day tech is part of my life and I wouldn't be able to live without it. (0 votes [0.00%])

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  3. I think so, it would require changing some habits but I don't consider modern-day tech to be essential to me. (4 votes [40.00%] - View)

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  4. I only use modern-day tech for essential/ very specific tasks already, so it wouldn't be hard for me. (0 votes [0.00%])

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  5. If I only accounted for my personal life then probably, but I need it for work/ college/ school. (1 votes [10.00%] - View)

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  • Shaytan

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Posted 15 February 2018 - 04:27 PM Edited by Shaytan, 15 February 2018 - 04:31 PM.

Today I've watched a video on YouTube posted last week by the channel Rod Studios, where the hoster challenged himself exactly what the title suggests: living for a week using only tech from the 2000s (to which he considered to be anything up until 2005 - a reasonable consideration I'll follow in this thread unless someone else proves to be a wrong assumption). The original concept would be to make a series of videos where he'd challenge himself with only using tech from increasingly previous decades, but he ultimately decided against doing so by his own conclusions.

The idea was so that all his gadgets, including his TV, computer, smartphone and gaming consoles, were replaced by their 2000's counterparts. Also, he went as far as not visiting websites that didn't exist back in the day (including all social media) and limiting his entertainment - namely movies - to titles released during the first 5 years of the 21st Century.

While I personally don't think the experience itself or the way his own daily experiences were presented to be that great, the concept and his own conclusions are, and so I recommend everyone checking out the video:

I personally think, as always, this depends a lot from person to person and each one's way of life. For example, I don't feel the need to socialise that much due to my own personality and so I only talk to an handful of people on a regular basis, besides forums. Social media doesn't have that much importance to me, since I only use on a daily basis Fasebook and mostly for the guitar groups and memes, which I could easily spend a while without. Also, when it comes to comunicating, I've always found the most practical to use SMS and regular voicecalls over Internet instant messaging apps, so an old "dumb" phone could perfectly handle the task.

Another major function I use my phone for is to listen to music, but besides the storage limitation and no music streaming services, a music player would do its job as well.

My two main hobbies are gaming and playing guitar: well, not only I love retro gaming and so one week of revisiting (and even discovering) old games would be very entertaining. Regarding the guitar, my oldest one is 7 years-old - yet its technology dates back to the 80's, therefore I think it would be completely fine; also, my amp is a late 90's Marshall, so the only limitation I'd find in this hobby would be in terms of learning resources, however not a deal-breaker since it's a creativity-based hobby.

While Rod Studios had trouble getting a CRT TV, I still have some around the house - including the Sony Trinitron in my bedroom - that are reliable and good enough for the standard channels and for DVDs. I don't watch much TV and I play on PC, so I never felt the need of upgrading it. Finally, I don't use any other tech gadgets besides my ebook reader, yet paper books are readily available and so that wouldn't be an issue either.

Perhaps my only limitations would be in terms of acessing the pages and studying materials for college, the only thing that could perhaps make this challenge not possible for me - but I'm still very interested in trying it.

What about you? Can you imagine attempting such thing yourself? Could you even do it for a few days or there's no way you'd go through a week without modern-day tech?

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  • Dottie

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Posted 4 weeks ago Edited by Dottie, 4 weeks ago.

I think it was an interesting topic indeed, and having grown up on mostly technology from the 90's and 2000's, I am perfectly content and not really wishing I lived back there again like some of the younger ones always say. With things like...

Dial-up (pain in the ass)
Windows 95 through XP (boy were them computers slow)
VHS (especially renting them...)
Fat-back TV's (Channel 3 was your friend)
CD's (please insert disc 7)
Floppies (my god, kill me :p)
Game Cartridges (blowin skills over 9000)
128MB Flash drives (that were 30 dollars new!)

that I had to deal with on a daily basis, I do have a much better appreciation with seeing how fast and convenient things are compared to even 10 years ago, but if I were to forcibly limit myself to technology only available up to 2005, I think I could make due since I have a good chunk of technology that I had from way back. I find myself going back to old videogames on a frequent basis (plus I got Lego so entertainment is covered fairly well), but probably the biggest challenge I'd likely face is the use of computers due to how much slower they were overall; heck, I'd even try to find a version of CATIA that existed in 2005 since I do a bunch of cad stuff.


I'd probably have to bum my brother's car since it's from '03  :beerhat:

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Tao Cheng
  • Tao Cheng

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Posted 4 weeks ago

My side hustles requires a smartphone and internets. I have a 2000 Honda Odyssey as a spare vehicle if that counts.

Night Machine
  • Night Machine

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Posted 4 weeks ago Edited by Night Machine, 4 weeks ago.

Hell, I could survive a week with only using 80's Tech.  

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Batman Who Laughs
  • Batman Who Laughs

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Posted 4 weeks ago

I could probably survive a month using no tech what so ever.  Sadly my work inhibits that from being a reality.  Outside of that providing I had heating, lighting, running water and a cooker I'd manage quite fine.

  • SilverRST


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Posted 4 weeks ago

Yes, I can survive a week using only 2000's tech. Before unsocial-media got borned, we got the nicest tech, yes, they were limiting but they were a lot of fun.

GameBoy (Advanc SP) :inlove:

  • Otter

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by Otter, 3 weeks ago.

It's kinda funny how recent you'll find posts on this very forum including a "56K" warning. Ha. I wouldn't be surprised if there are members here still living on "2000s" hardware. ;)


Myself, no, I could not do my job without competitive hardware. But I could easily remove it all from my personal life for a while.

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  • DarksunDaFirst

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Posted 6 days ago Edited by DarksunDaFirst, 6 days ago.

I've done the appalachian trail (NY to SC) and I'm adept with wilderness survival skills.

I think I would be ok.

  • Straypuft

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Posted 6 days ago

Come at me bro, I can survive.


Didnt get my first cell phone til 2009, dont use it much during my current day to day stuff. So Id be able to use a land line efficiently.


Internet only started to get better from 2000 to 2005, Didnt get my first broadband until 2003.


If I had a then top of the line computer, Id use most of the time with it to play some of my old favorite games, Also, back then, many games were still original in plot and stuff, not the repetitive grind we have in most games today.


Sometimes I miss the customization that Myspace offered, Id love to build up a page just for fun on some kind of myspace emulator since it cannot be brought back in todays ways. OMG the Userbars!


Back then it wasnt uncommon to see someone carrying every single bus schedule that the city offered just to get around town on a single day, My city bus system still offers them. I had a laptop back then, I could just stuff the schedules in the laptop bag I had back then.

  • Presidential


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Posted 6 days ago

I go off in the woods a few times a year. Only technology I use there is a radio. Nothing but beer, music and nature. Cell phone gets no reception so I just leave it at the camp grounds.

  • ClaudeIzABadAzz

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Posted 5 days ago

Well, If I had to live on 2000s tech for a week, I'd glue myself to a chair in front of my PS2. She's over 10 years old and still functioning!


I go off in the woods a few times a year. Only technology I use there is a radio. Nothing but beer, music and nature. Cell phone gets no reception so I just leave it at the camp grounds.

Sounds like fun!

  • Asmodo

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Posted 3 days ago

Of course, that would be the dream scenario. Nothing but a PS2, some VHS's and a fat tube TV. I still use all 3 of those. Fire up an old Windows Me computer and play some DOS games and some Chip's Challenge and Dope Wars. Would take that over today's technology any day of the week.

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