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Missed Opportunities Thread

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Posted A day ago Edited by DentureDynamite, A day ago.

RDR2 will be a great sight to behold for fans of these games by R*, not so-much because of the games appeal theme-wise, indeed, many have no interest in cowboys. But the curiosity of how big and detailed things get, new mechanics, the way story gels with freeroaming and such being possible for GTA further down the line too, as for me, a huge part of why I loved RDR last time was because it was basically GTA, just different, you know?. Both futures are gonna be great to see.


The million-dollar, online, multiplayer question everyone will be asking once RDR2 releases is:


"What has Rockstar learned?"


Should be interesting.

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Posted A day ago

Missed tuning. Ardent and Torero are have paintable interior, but you cannot to paint it in LSC.

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Posted A day ago

the Halloween shirts...

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Posted 16 hours ago

when pokemon go was popular R* should have introduced gang wars so we could hold sections of the city with our names on it

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Posted 16 hours ago

I totally missed any opportunity to unlock metal paints lol, lvl 480. I dont even know one person who does rally races.

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Posted 16 hours ago

when pokemon go was popular R* should have introduced gang wars so we could hold sections of the city with our names on it

Funnily enough, GTA Online was meant to be just like that in the very beginning, but the whole concept got discarded.

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Posted 16 hours ago Edited by Pequod_, 16 hours ago.


sh*t, look at this!


Hurts to see what could've been. Players undoubtedly would've complained that the desert is too empty, lol.

You could also play music from the phone apparently.

Lots of interesting vehicles too:

RC vehicles
Motorized motherf*cking skateboards
Combine harvester
SX R (RX 7 perhaps?)

Oh and rideable horses.
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Posted 15 hours ago

Sold 3 large warehouses and one week later there was a 25% bonus same happened with hangar sold last week and now double bonus...


Well at least there is a biker bonus too.


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Posted 15 hours ago

People really need to read the OP, or at least a comment or two first. lmao!

I think they wasted a gameplay opportunity (and a business one) during the heist update. I remember me and my friends preparing for the update, by collecting the best looking heist vehicles: vans, blacked out trucks, sleeper cars and so on. But it didn't really matter anyway since you can each use your flashy super cars in them.

This was something expected anywhere, but I think it would have been better to have purchased a required inconspicuous vehicle for the team instead of having a setup price. It would have gave some vehicle classes a better use and a reason to own. That's just my thoughts anyway.
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Posted 53 minutes ago Edited by Voodoo-Hendrix, 50 minutes ago.

R* missed a big opportunity to connect all mayor DLCs with a overarching narrative, like for example, locking the ability to buy a Bunker until you actually met Agent 14 on either Prison Break or Humane Labs Heist.

Same with Hangars and Ron (Series A Heist).

Also R* could have bothered with keeping some sort of continuity with Gunrunning being set in 2017 with some little details like removing Ortega's trailer that got destroyed on "Mr. Phillips" and putting the Cargo Plane wreck under the Alamo Sea from "Minor Turbulence".

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