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Custom V Update/Mod Idea

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Posted A week ago

So I always see people giving a lot of ideas for Online updates and DLC (I know because I have as well, I love coming up with ideas for this game), however I though it was time story mode got some love again. Now I'm pretty sure no single player add on is ever coming for GTAV at this point, but I always think its fun to create new ideas, and who knows maybe some talented modders out there could be inspired. 

    Anyway what follows is an idea to add post game content to Micheal, Franklin and Trevor (as well as some other minor things). The only restrictions I set myself was only using content and models already in the game, either V or Online, and designing nothing that needs new voice acting or motion capture. This will be a long post following this introduction but I always appreciate feed back on my ideas, and maybe people could tell me how realistic creating something like this would be and if its something you would like to see in game.


In a spoiler and Google Drive to save space.



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