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The Adventures of The No Pants Bandits (+ a Weeb)

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Cackling Jack
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Posted A week ago

Congrats guys! Well f*cking done. I loved doing cmm and would do it again. It’s such a rush when I finished it at 3am in the morining half tanked.
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    Fly low for the killing blow!

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Posted A week ago

Nicely done. But instead of using an akula, i go bananas with my savage. ;)

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Posted A week ago Edited by Jimbatron, A week ago.

You can use an akula during heists??????????????

You use it in multiple setups ffs

And it's a personal aircraft so why not
To admit my own naivety on the matter, I didn't know this. A few questions (hope the CMM team don't mind me using their thread to digress).

1) how does this work? Request via the interaction menu as in freemode? Or is there a special trick?
2) is this just the original heists? Because I swear I tried in DD and they weren't accessible.
3) Does it work in finales? The Humane Labs Elite would go from being difficult to a doddle if so.
4) are all personal air vehicles available or just some types?

A good team could already do Pac Std in about an hour, but by god, with a couple of Hunters you could absolutely blitz the setups.
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