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anyone still playing this old one?

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Posted A week ago

gta3, it was released 2001. and now 2018.. wow, how time flies!

just curious...

  • Shellshock9

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Posted A week ago

Yep  :) I remember how much this game impressed me as a kid - the huge leap from GTA2 to the 3D open world. Now, I am playing it again and I am just as impressed.

  • gtafaninwest


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Posted A week ago

Am playing it one. Still my favorite 3D Universe game.

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Posted A week ago

Once I get a new PS2 I'll start. Playing it on the PC doesn't have the same old charm.

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  • Mr_Rager


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Posted A week ago

I'm gonna pick it up for the PS2 this year eventually. I do remember finding the aiming to be a pain in the ass though.

  • gts.


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Posted A week ago

Playing it on the PC doesn't have the same old charm.

True. I still playing it on PS2 and PC though.

  • Mr_Rager


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Posted A week ago Edited by Mr_Rager, A week ago.

Playing it now for the PS2 and it has a different feeling. The fog is more intense and the whole city feels a little bit worse, but not in a bad way. Just been f*cking around doing side stuff like stunt jumps and being cab driving yokel.

Am Shaegar
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Posted A week ago

No. I had a lot of fun playing III but many years back though. It's quite dated in specific areas of gameplay compared to SA, and also not as fun or diverse/varied either. Still, the atmosphere is amazing, the city itself is very good to spend time in driving around the map, including a couple of missions. I used to play III occasionally, but now I'm waiting for some mods to bring interesting changes to the game before installing it again.

Evil empire
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Posted A week ago

Yes, even if it's only the Frosted winter conversion these days.

  • RetroMystic

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Posted A week ago

I completed it the other week actually.


I enjoy it as an arcade-y game but nothing more than that these days. Naturally it doesn't hit me as hard as it did when I first played it and in saying that everything just feels kind of stale. It's not a bad game by any stretch but there are other games I'd rather play, even from 2001.

  • jaljax

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Posted A week ago

Yes. i've completed it many of time's , but about a year or two ago i got the 100% for the first time on PS4

  • Lioshenka

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Posted A week ago

I play it occasionally, more than V but less than SA. I also play it on the iPhone.

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