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What do you like to do in GTAIII outside storyline?

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by GrudgefromSanAndreas, 2 weeks ago.

Ciao tutti GTAFrutti!


I didn't find a similar topic in this thread (altho i didnt search too much either) so i decided to make this thread. Basically you just write what you enjoy doing in-game, e.g. police killing spree, collecting hidden packages, side missions or maybe killing specific peds and/or stealing specific vehicles, anything!



Don't remember too much what i did bcoz it was way back 2002-2003 when i played it, but i do remember how i liked to explore the city and some places reminded me of Gotham City, which i liked very much, i also like to steal a cop car, cruise around following traffic rules and pretend i'm undercover without enabling the vigilante mission (i didn't know how to activate it but i didn't care too much either) Also along with VC and V it's the one of the only GTAs where i dare to provoke cops, military, FBI/FIB, SWAT/NOOSE and whatever other units, with or without cheats.



  • You can talk about how you use mods, but it's not the priority, so it's better you avoid mentioning mods unless you use it in an interesting and fun way.
  • If you want to upload big and/or a lot of pics of what you're doing/did, put them in a spoiler, this could be used instead of posting an extremely long text
  • If you're currently not playing III or if you never played and want to do it so at some point in future, then you can say what you did/used to do or what you'd want or plan to do...

  • You can also try something new, experiment and discover something if you haven't done so yet.

  • Keep in mind i might not be able to like every single post, hope you don't mind.

  • I really think this topic is useful, there should be no problems :)
  • Notes and rules might be updated depending on situation.

Jack Lupino
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Posted 2 weeks ago

1) Mess around with LCPD ofcourse :p
I never had more fun than messing with the police as in III.
The hilarious threats and dialogues and destroying police helicopter with LAW80

2) While the map is smallest, it has plenty of places i like to roam around.
Salvatores mansion,Backyard of Church, Construction site building,Airport and Portland harbour.

3)Completing Rampage missions is challenging and fun especially in Saint Marks where Leones are always waiting to kill you with shotguns

4) Vigilante missions with A tank
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  • BowlingMaster


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Posted 2 weeks ago

Getting a high wanted level and then trying to survive in the tunnels.

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  • Ohhh123r

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Posted A week ago

1) Just free roaming entire Liberty City

2) Killing 1000+ Peds with Baseball bat

3) Driving with Rhino Tank after finished "The Exchange" and killing bunch of peds, gangs and police

4) Finding Liberty Tree Easter Egg

5) Used riot cheat so i can fight each other

6) I roaming Portland for while because of Triads and Mafia hates me that later mission and go back to Staunton Island safely

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Evil empire
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Posted A week ago

The police, taxi and firefighter submissions.

Roaming the hostile gang areas to burn and maim them.

Playing the vehicle challenges.



Talking about mods I use among others mini-commander to give the diablos fire weapons, so the Leones don't bother me anymore with their shotguns and never to be wanted by the cops.


I also use my custom mods so the hostile gangsters can't destroy my vehicles, so I can do all the crazy stunts I want without any problem if I end in the water and to circulating more easily in Shoreside Vale.

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