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What do you like to do in GTASA outside storyline?

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  • GrudgefromSanAndreas

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Posted 10 February 2018 - 05:16 PM Edited by GrudgefromSanAndreas, 21 February 2018 - 06:11 AM.

Ciao tutti GTAFrutti!


I didn't find a similar topic in this thread (altho i didnt search too much either) so i decided to make this thread. Basically you just write what you enjoy doing in-game, e.g. police killing spree, gang wars, various cheat combinations or maybe killing specific peds or stealing specific vehicles, anything!


I always liked to enable cheats for gangs everywhere, "STATEOFEMERGENCY", fast cars so i can drive with my gang in a Sultan performing drive-by and escaping if needed, no police aka no wanted level ever, all weapons but not unlimited ammo (cause it'd be less fun) etc - i combine all those in one game and have endless fun :pp I also like to do burglary side mission and unique stunt jumps...



  • You know what, multiplayer can be mentioned as i believe it's probably easier to monitor one huge topic than hundreds of small ones, but singleplayer shall still remain the main focus, so you can tell us some awesome, fun and interesting experiences you had in SAMP and MTASA :D

  • You can talk about how you use mods, but it's not the priority, so it's better you avoid mentioning mods unless you use it in an interesting and fun way.

    After all, there are plenty of things to do without mods.

  • You can mention using trainers aswell :D

  • If you want to upload big and/or a lot of pics of what you're doing/did, put them in a spoiler, this could be used instead of posting an extremely long text

  • If you're currently not playing SA or if you never played and want to do it so at some point in future, then you can say what you did/used to do or what you'd want or plan to do...

  • You can also try something new, experiment and discover something if you haven't done so yet.
  • Keep in mind i might not be able to like every single post, hope you don't mind  :colgate:
  • I really think this topic would be useful, so dear mods and admins, please don't delete or lock this thread unless things get out of control
  • Rules and notes might be updated depending on the situation
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  • CoolMods

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Posted 10 February 2018 - 06:18 PM Edited by CoolMods, 10 February 2018 - 06:18 PM.

I like to spawn skins in Skin Selector, steal a sultan and make it invicible with CheatMenu, then let police chase me.

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Am Shaegar
  • Am Shaegar

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Posted 11 February 2018 - 06:14 AM Edited by Am Shaegar, 11 February 2018 - 06:16 AM.

1. Enjoy replaying street races, and flying tournaments. Hydra and 6 stars wanted level =Absolute blast, never gets old!

2. Finding various creative, and out of the box solutions to many missions in game. Including mission failures that occur completely at random, and I try to reproduce those results, again. For instance, in the mission where you have to Kil the manager, can be failed by this near perfect run through.

It's crazy how the uploader managed to achieve this. This happens because the missions aren't sotightly scripted, or predetermined to fail in a certain way by the developers, which is why there are more than one solution to both complete and fail them. Another example of how speedrunning the game leads to out of the box solutions that not many could have thought to reduce the time it takes to complete the mission.

3. Enjoying the Stadium events, vehicle challenges, to improve my best times, and set a new record. Including all the races.

4. Roleplaying CJ in tons of different ways using new ideas for random, unscripted fun. There are all the available tools in the game. I just use the potential to the best of my creative abilities.

5. Modding the game by installing all the great stuff being released for this game over the years. SA with a couple of tweaks feels so polished and beautiful to play, w/o stressing my computer, at all.

6. Playing the whole game as Fat CJ

7. Attempting new vehicle stunts using the varied map of the game from the top of My. Chiliad to the Gorgeous countryside, and hot deserts. There are tons of different vehicles to try and attempt various stunts, w/o stupid realistic physics spoiling all the fun.

8. Flying around in the jetpack and exploring the world.

9. Explosions, and Mayhem are the best reciepes for pure, unadulterated fun. Activate the cheats, and you have got yourself the most hilarious, unthinkable GTA experience of the series. Again, the game offers all the tools to pull it off.

10. Just driving and flying around the brilliant map and the atmosphere. Many times I come across various random, unusual stuff while travelling along the map.
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Official General
  • Official General

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Posted 11 February 2018 - 04:17 PM

* Gang wars and expanding territory in all 3 cities (using mod)

* Pimping

* Burglaries

* Selling drugs in all 3 cities (using mod)

* Gambling in Venturas

* Betting on horses in Inside Track

* Taking long drives across various destinations in the state

* Fly planes as pilot and passenger

* Ride the Brown Streak trains

* Just cruise through the hood and watch all kinds of random and crazy sh*t happen or go down

* Keeping all my women satisfied

* Visit strip clubs

* Bang hookers

* Go for a swim in Santa Maria beach and hang out with the chicks there

* Roleplay CJ in everyday life

* Buying different garments and jewellery

* Shooting range

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  • Mocozmo

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Posted 11 February 2018 - 11:24 PM

Buying that perfect outfit that finally made you feel like you were a part of The Grove Street Family.


Working your ass off because the boxing coach wouldn't train you until you put on more muscle.


Go around San Andreas trying to Memorize all the phrases every pedestrian would yell at you from the neighborhood.


Keeping up with the frustration of having your territory constantly attacked by a rival gang.


Going around stealing random vehicles just because you can easily escape.

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  • Male01

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Posted 12 February 2018 - 12:40 AM Edited by Male01, 12 February 2018 - 01:28 AM.

I like to stalk street criminals until they steal a car and then I give pursuit (with the cheat for never being wanted). I either dress as a cop and drive a police vehicle or I dress as Ricardo Tubbs from Miami Vice and drive a white Cheetah( variant with only one mirror).


I also like to drive a black indestructible Phoenix in the desert while listening to the Knight Rider theme.


I listen to eurobeat when participating in races. I sometimes eliminate my rivals by activating the flying cars cheat, causing them to fly away and never return.


My version of GTA San Andreas is from the Windows store. It's even worse than the Steam or Xbox 360 version. Like in Android, fire trucks and ambulances are glitched and will almost never respond without mysteriously disappearing. When surviving the riot cheat, I use an M4 and climb on top of a house near the safehouse north of Los Santos International. I wait a long time for the fire truck to appear but I then escort it with my Swat Tank.

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Evil empire
  • Evil empire


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Posted 20 February 2018 - 02:24 PM

-Roaming the Ballas and Vagos territories in all the cities (thanks to GTA savegame editor) to massacre them w/o starting a gang war

-Driving the Brownstreak in the whole state

-Playing the taxi job

-Playing the vigilante job

-Playing the firefighter job

-Harvesting my companies' money

-Dating my girlfriends

-Doing some RS Haul trucking jobs

-Doing some delivery jobs

-Roaming the whole state on a slightly boosted Freeway

-Playing the PIMP job

-Betting money on horses in the Inside track offices

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  • nader91


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Posted 20 February 2018 - 02:36 PM

i like to cruise around south central (jefferson) and east los in my savanna or majestic... and trying to replicate a real life scenario

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  • Lioshenka

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Posted 20 February 2018 - 09:02 PM Edited by Lioshenka, 20 February 2018 - 09:02 PM.

There was an exact same topic, believe me :p Doesn't mean you shouldn't have created this one. It'd good to re-live the fund times we've had with this game.


In my spare time I like to just drive around the countryside - it started donkey years ago when we all were searching for the myths, and it stuck with me. SA has a beautiful countryside and I have a few of my favourite spots. I may launch the game for 15 minutes and I set myself an objective to watch the sunset or a sunrise in a certain location, so I rush there. If I realise I won't make it there in time, I can head to a closer one, or change the objective completely. Some memorable settings - sunrise over Oram bridge (or rather under it), midnight at Panopticon, sunrise over Sherman dam.


I don't have a place that I hate in SA, so I naturally may go into the city too.


Sometimes I like to replay the beginning - it has that very nice ghetto 90-ies atmospheric feeling to it, without the unnecessary grime of GTA 5.


If I want a change from that I either pick a random mission - trucking for instance, - or replay one of my favourite missions just for fun. Toreno's missions are the best.

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Posted 21 February 2018 - 12:22 AM Edited by CHARMANDER50, 21 February 2018 - 12:26 AM.

Since Multiplayer server is out of the question.
Single player then, can i mention the Mobile not only for /PC edition.

I want to play SA SinglePlayer or (SASP),
-free roam do what i want
-create my own mission for the whole gang
-stealth mode,some raids,player created events
-without the troublesome peds
-NPC recruits for my new gang
-No more timed races
-more heists,robberies,burglaries
-casino,more criminal enterprises,legit biz to collect cash from
-more diverse weapons,armor,skins
-more bribes for the lawmen
-no more nosey cops
-mob blessings
-no more shooting useless peds
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  • GrudgefromSanAndreas

    Benefactor Panto should've been called Vollthrottel

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Posted 21 February 2018 - 06:11 AM Edited by GrudgefromSanAndreas, 21 February 2018 - 06:12 AM.

Since Multiplayer server is out of the question.
Single player then, can i mention the Mobile not only for /PC edition.

I want to play SA SinglePlayer or (SASP),
-free roam do what i want
-create my own mission for the whole gang
-stealth mode,some raids,player created events
-without the troublesome peds
-NPC recruits for my new gang
-No more timed races
-more heists,robberies,burglaries
-casino,more criminal enterprises,legit biz to collect cash from
-more diverse weapons,armor,skins
-more bribes for the lawmen
-no more nosey cops
-mob blessings
-no more shooting useless peds

Good news, you can mention multiplayer, i've updated rules and notes  :D

  • Lazlo_


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Posted 03 March 2018 - 05:13 PM Edited by Lazlo_, 03 March 2018 - 05:38 PM.

Over the years, I have had evolving patterns of cruising, usually a circuit just to get me out of real life for a half hour. I just mentioned in another thread that I used Time Sync, so game-time stays in real time. Now that I've made so many ENEX and IPL mods, I pretty much have a custom universe to play in.
The relaxation, oddly, comes from a rather militantly-adhered-to routine that's nearly tedious.
I begin in bed in my jammies with my significant other (Prickle Pine Safe-House Interior). I use the john, put on a sweatshirt, go downstairs and mill in the kitchen for a minute. I usually break here for coffee if I dont already have it. Then I go into the home office for a minute. At this point of the day I am usually checking emails and messages IRL. Then I put on my suit, grab the Colt and Uzi, and use the cell phone, then go outside and get in the golf cart to drive around back to the heli pad.
I then fly the heli over the bay south to some offices in San Fierro and mill around for about a minute just to look in my custom office, which is one I modded with lots of art and knick-knacks. Here there's a portrait of the president with his arms crossed glowering down at me, some nature paintings and a few risque 'tasteful art' paintings.
There is also an outside deck; I used the City Planning interior merged by ENEX to what I think is the San Fierro version of San Francisco's Metreon Mall by Lombard Street (in-game); the model is called 'lowmall' (#10052) and Metreon is considered to be an old eyesore, and is the only one I know of with terraces and a sky-walk over the street until it was torn down recently. I land the heli on a heli pad across the street, walk over, go in, and then go downstairs and exit to an alley by a loading door and drive to SFO. I get on the "101" going south. Since I listen to morning talk radio anyways, and usually start that before the game is even on, I can listen to live local San Francisco talk on stream while driving through San Fierro (or LA talk if in Los Santos). I get off the exit and drive to SFO, driving through the underground car-park to the airport 'apron'.
Here begins my fun part: flying my custom Lear to LAX.
I have User Tracks of Air-Traffic-Control chatter for each of the four airports/strips. Here I usually take a smoke break. After all, I've been flying or driving for ten minutes at this point, and likely stopped to shoot some jackhole that clipped my headlights while cutting in front of me, which likely led to a two minute detour to dodge the cops.
So sitting in my jet listening to the engines run over both SFO ATC chatter and local radio, I'll finish my smoke and coffee (and probably a coffee cake by now), and taxi to the runway. (I even learned the protocol for this, which is how I learned the runway signs in San Andreas actually make no sense at all and are just there for looks). When the cigarette is out, that's "Lear TreeSixNiner Clear for Departure" and off I go.
I like to fly/drive in First Person, which means I can't tell if the wheels made it up or down unless I switch view in the middle of take-off. My input devices have on-screen visual confirmation, and am ashamed to admit that when I toggled the Capslock to the Landing Gear, I even modded my keyboard to display an icon and message confirming the wheels are up or down when I hit Capslock.
One can only be in so many plane crashes because they mistakenly thought the wheels were down before they seek a solution.
Then I pick one of two routes to land at LAX, either going around west of Diablo/Chilead, or east over Montgomery and landing over Inland Empire.
By then, LAX ATC chatter is playing, I land where theres a chopper waiting (or Admiral, depending on whether) and make my way to Maze/Library Tower where my other office is. I have ENEXs everywhere, so there are several points of entry and exit. I use the building with terraces next to the tower, not the tower itself. So, typically from the helipad I put on the roof, sometimes the terrace, I will enter to a different floor of the City Planning interior. Here I converted the meeting/break room into another office with the same usual decor. I converted the Medic room to an executive washroom, so the first thing I do is use the john after a long trip.
(I know I could use the interstate and be there in five minutes if I race, but stretching it to 20 minutes with planes is more fun).
Then I go into my office where two business peds are already chatting, sit down and puff my cigar. This floor also has some vacation photos I took in Miami Beach, where I was lucky enough to stay at the same hotel Vercetti's hotel was modeled after, so its sort of an in-game Vice City joke to see the real-life hotel hanging on the wall. (Trivia: its from a Czeck architect of the Art Deco era who has several such hotel designs in Miami Beach, and also happens to be one used recently in the American Crime Story series on Versace's murder)
And thats my 25 minute near-daily routine, plus the trip back later in the day, which is only about 10 minutes since I skip San Fierro on the way back. I land at SFO but just drive back. My favorite part is driving up to my gate at night, because it means the real day is over, and its nice to pretend I am actually coming home to a huge gated estate in the pastoral outskirts of Marin County (and finally out of city traffic).
And then its home-sweet-Safe House.
I also like taking the boat out on weekends from a marina by the house I made in Robada
to one I made in Santa Monica
- and just letting the boat sit on the water as a clock-screensaver (since I am using Time Sync Tool) while CJ lounges on the deck.
Occasionally, I will drive with my 'spouse' over to Vegas. Unfortunately, I cant show the mods I made to the Old Strip, since they would be inappropriate lol.
Sorry, I couldn't find spoiler tags. And for mentioning mods. Its just that I spend much more time modding than actually roaming, so its sort of what I do.Roaming is how I get the ideas for things I'd like to add or change.
At least you got a story about how whacky some players like me are. That has to be worth something.  :p
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  • Lazlo_


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Posted 03 March 2018 - 05:51 PM

Sometimes I like to replay the beginning - it has that very nice ghetto 90-ies atmospheric feeling to it...


Toreno's missions are the best.


 Agreed. If for no other reason than hearing James Woods voice come out of a GTA character cracks me up. I love the line "Stolen plane? I don't know anything about that buddy. You're on your own".


But yeah, its weird when you start over and are transported back to that humble little home in a cul-de-sac in Compton. The nostalgia is over-whelming. I think the story deliberately creates that feeling, since one of the end monologues by CJ explicitly makes references to how far he has come and all the things he's seen. Thats whats so heart-warming about the end, an inspiration for people everywhere just to pursue something better than what they have, and to remind them that there's so much more to the world than where any of us came from.

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Martha The Gnome
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Posted 03 March 2018 - 06:28 PM

I just like flying around in planes and stuff like that. I really wish there was more aerial content, but just flying around in a hydra with 6 stars is fun enough for me tbh. As such, I got really good at flying in SA, and it actually got me interested in aviation IRL. (I also like doing the plane 'races' in LV, my best time for WWA is 2 mintues if I remember correctly.)
I also really enjoy riding BMX, I don't know what it is about 'em. They're slow and annoying, but it has this charm to it that makes them so much fun. I usually have my bicycle skill maxed out before I'm even done with act 1.
Cheats. Cjphonehome, the 6 Star Wanted Cheat, the Fat CJ Cheat. I like creating a new save and just f*cking around. I tried completing the game as fat CJ but I got stuck at the Black Project mission, where you have to be skinny to do it. Overall really funny and a blast to play.
Side missions. So far I have only completed Firefighter, however I am still trying to complete Ambulance. After that, I will try pimping, courier and then taxi.

Clothes shopping. Just like me IRL, I love shopping for clothes. The only problem is I am always broke AF, and so I clothes shop virtually to calm myself. 


Riding around. Generally just cruising around on fancy cars and bikes. (My favorite car is the Turismo) It's just so satisfying going at 200+mph, doing tricks and sh*t. And with the huge map I practically have infinite space to ride around in. I really love the races as well, really well designed and a blast to do.

Anyway guys, this is my first post on the GTA forum, so I hope that I will have lots of fun here and be a welcome member. (I am known to be sorta trolley sometimes, but I'll try my best to contain myself :p)
Have a good one
Martha El Gnomio

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  • Lazlo_


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Posted 03 March 2018 - 08:43 PM

I just like flying around in planes...


Me too. I even made a corny AT-400 tutorial, but the game had been out so long by then that it was sort of passé.. I spent about half a year playing at being an airline pilot just to get better at it.






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  • oClucker

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Posted 17 March 2018 - 10:11 PM

After completing 100%  I started by role playing as a photographer. I would take a lot of crime related photos at first around los santos. Like I was photojournalist or documentary trying to capture the hard reality of the streets. Police vs gang shootouts, drug dealings, dead bodies, gang members posted up on street corners toting their guns, and throwing up gang signs as cops drive by, police mavericks overlooking the streets of east los santos with their spotlights, etc. 


Really put the gang areas in a new perspective for me. The gang members are very entertaining to study, and listen to as they walk down the streets drinking their beers, smoking their blunts, and talking sh*t. Funny to watch them run up to girls on the streets trying to "holler" at them. The Ballas are my favorite gang in the game for sure. Love their quotes, and style. 


I then moved all around San Andreas taking photos of the beautiful landscapes. Waiting for hours (in game) on the high hill tops of the cordillera waiting for the perfect moment to snap a picture of the sun rising behind San Fierro, and Gant bridge is just one example. 


I could go on forever about things I like to do outside of  the story in San Andreas. Such an amazing game. If you are creative enough you could almost always find something else to do. I've played through the game probably a couple dozen times, and I still always comeback.


Here are a few of my favorite photos I have took. I never use any mods, especially not visual mods. I do not believe in them.











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Imma GSF
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Posted 18 March 2018 - 06:28 AM

I like to go on a massive killing spree.
And that was a good question

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Posted 18 March 2018 - 08:42 AM Edited by CoolMods, 18 March 2018 - 08:43 AM.

I like to ride the train til it falls off the tracks

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Obb Porff
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Posted 18 March 2018 - 02:17 PM

I use portal gun mod, go to Ballas territory, create two portal points (one at open place and one inside a secure and closed off place) then I p*ss off Ballas and endlessly fight with them. It is very funny 😀
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