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Rockstar Central #46 (3 - 9 Feb)

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Posted 10 February 2018 - 05:00 PM


art by slohbur


GTA Next | GTA Online | GTA V | Red Dead Redemption | Red Dead Redemption II | R* General


Welcome to the 46th week of Rockstar Central, extraordinarily late again! Juicy Red Dead leaks, some more GTA Online stuff, a new State of the Art and some more Snaps of the Week!


This week, an interesting piece of information popped up from TrustedReviews! An alleged leak, that even contains two leaked screenshots, describes some features of RDR2, including its Online mode, gameplay, singleplayer mode and even how deep some of its features will be! You can discuss the leak here and look at the original TrustedReviews post here.
Because we don't want to spoil anything here (you'll click those links at your own discretion), we'll be enclosing a rundown of the info made by myself in spoiler tags:



It's Battle Week! And another of the new Doomsday Heist cars is out! The Canis Kamacho 4x4, a throwback to the glory days of the American 4x4. With the reliability of a pickup truck and the resilience of a battleship, it's a great offroad investment. Available at Southern San Andreas Super Autos.
As for the Battle Week, lasting until the 12th, criminals and itchy-finger criminals of Los Santos can enjoy a host of bonuses in battle related Adversary Modes, such as Hardest Target, Motor Wars, Slashers and Occupy! Those in the need for spending and hoarding some more vehicles and weapons, can get several discounts on Mk II weapons, regular weapons and military vehicles, as we'll describe a bit later.
Logging in this week will mean new t-shirts! Log in until the 12th and get the Black Ammunation Tee, for free in your wardrobe.
As for the discounts this week, to celebrate Battle Week, Rockstar is offering:

  • 25% off the Mammoth Avenger
  • 25% off the Weaponised Chernobog (both Buy Now and Trade Prices)
  • 40% off the Weaponised Halftrack (both prices)
  • 35% off the Weaponised Anti-Aircraft Trailer (both prices)
  • 40% off the Weaponised Tampa (both prices)
  • 30% off all MkII upgrades
  • 50% off all types of MkII Ammo
  • 25% off MkII Magazines, Scopes, Muzzles and Weapon Liveries
  • 50% off all regular Ammo
  • 30% off Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Melee weapons, Body Armour and RPG's
  • 30% off all Aircraft Weapons you fit in your Hangar Workshop
  • 25% off the Security Room upgrade in the Facility



State of the Art 

(graphics pending)

Rockstar Games and Game Art

(These are opinion pieces that don't benefit from lots of research and simply from personal opinion and perspective, some points may be factually wrong, fully or partially and are not always accompanied with links to evidence, and may also presume some reader research)

When you work at an important games company, or any significant art-related job (especially), you will want to have a portfolio even while you work at it. If you release a blockbuster game or a significant project, once the NDA likely expires, you will want to show how great your creations were, which creations they were and in some cases how you made it. Most game developers allow this as long as the game is released and you're not showing unreleased future content. Not Rockstar Games.
Rockstar Games has always been known in the industry for having strict rules and pretty ridiculous NDA's. But apparently not without fault, as quite a lot of developers have posted screenshots from several parts of their games' development to show off their creations. 
Many sleuths, including myself, are very interested in any kind of beta footage or behind the scenes looks at how the Rockstar games are created. That includes footage from earlier builds, 3D model breakdowns in 3D Studio Max, or even job descriptions that say what you did for that game.
Last year and the previous especially, quite a lot of GTA V UI design, Max Payne 3 scenario design and some other GTA V next gen early build screenshots were found on the Internet on developer's portfolios. Those were likely there for years, until someone found them. When they were posted on GTAForums and in some cases on news sites, they mysteriously disappeared from the websites in most cases. I admit the linked example was probably more extreme, as it showed a picture of GTA IV's Liberty City with remastered terrain and was likely an unreleased project. I'll give Rockstar some reason on that one.
R* hates that people see things they're not really supposed to see. Not quite sure why, it's more interesting than it is revealing of anything. It's not like people are going to guess private things from looking at a screenshot with a part of the map missing, or some early UI design. They're also pretty clumsy with leftovers in the game, so when the UI designs were found with Cops and Crooks (predecessor to GTA Online) stuff on it, it's not like it was a secret as GTA V itself was plastered with C&C content, not to mention the full Quality Assurance development log they left in the PS3 build of the game.
Admittedly, recently they haven't been doing much about portfolios, but maybe that's because they can't get a hold of the developer, especially if they don't work there anymore. The question is simple: why? I know this is probably a loophole of intellectual property and other legal stuff, but it still doesn't explain why other game developers allow this so easily. Surely this is a mix of Rockstar's paranoia, and I know how proud they are of everything they do.
Obviously this doesn't cover leaks, leaks are a different thing and are expected to be taken down. Except us sleuths will probably save them in time ;)


art by slohbur

In Snaps of the Week, we show off 5 of the best screenshots, in no specific order, from this week's submissions all over the forums. This can include other games, other than GTA V, but admittedly there has been a shortage of pictures from other games. Enjoy and props to all the talented photographers and their characters!
















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Posted 10 February 2018 - 07:04 PM

The next months should be interesting.
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