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If TLAD was a full game

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Posted A week ago

How would it change and would you like that?

TLAD still has one of the best GTA stories and protagonists for me. I would have liked it if they dumped TBOGT and instead just gave TLAD ca. 20 more missions. 


I would have liked to see them explore the civil war within the Lost more, that part felt rushed.

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Posted A week ago

I would have liked it if they dumped TBOGT and instead just gave TLAD ca. 20 more missions. 

I agree. As much as I love TBoGT, TLAD is just so much better, and it would have been great if they just scrapped TBoGT, and spent that time developing TLAD into a fully fledged game, like they did with Vice City and they released 3.


It would have been cool to see what happened to the remaining Lost members. Maybe after killing Billy, the Clubhouse isn't burnt down, and the story could have then been about Johnny, Clay, Terry, and Angus re-building The Lost to become the most powerful biker gang in LC. It would also be cool if they could have Chapters in Algonquin and the first City what ever it's called.

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Posted A week ago

I think TLAD is fine the way it is. If I was going to change anything it would be to get rid of TBOGT and have a DLC focused on the McRearies with Packie as the protagonist.

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Posted A week ago

I really enjoyed TLAD but there were always a few things that stood out to be as incomplete. Whenever I've played through the game in the past I always got to that mission with the Triads where Billy gets arrested and he's hauled away shouting that Johnny set him up. The dialogue in the immediate aftermath of that is basically an endless loop of Johnny asking Brian 'what the f*ck happened back there?' and we never actually seem to find out because Brian has no lines of dialogue in response. Did they cut something out here? The next thing we know, the game is shifting into a civil war (that lasts all of a few missions), Brian presumably begins to cooperate with the FIB agent who has been hassling Johnny all game, and we kill him (or spare him if you so choose), setting up Billy as the main antagonist. A few more missions to explain all of this throughout the later stages of the game would have been very welcome.

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