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[SA]Adding new weapons?

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Posted A week ago

I reckon about 1-2 years ago there was some mod that added lots of new weapons, mainly from VCS/LCS/VC and so on into SA. I was wondering if anyone still remembers it/has a link, or is there any tutorial for adding new weapons, I know ryosuke had a mod that made it possible but it was quite buggy, if I remember correct it's possible to add new weapons using some limit adjuster now?

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Posted 6 days ago



You can find something like you are describing in this folder straight from Deadstroke's Workshop on "brmodstudio" is called "phil cassidy on san andreas" or something like that, it has the weapons from every 3D Era game if i my memory doesn't fail me.

By the way this is not the place for this, you should have asked in the finds and requests topic.

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