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GTA SA - Advance

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by Mutfurry, A week ago.

Hello again.

"I remodding this game again. Now I use some models and txd from another Rockstar Games, some unused models and txds (Cutscene,img and Gta3.img). With Fastman92 Limit Adjuster, I can change ID limits to add more Peds, Vehicles (might be), and Weapons."




GTA SA ADVANCE is my project that modified main.scm, especially fo editing some missions, and add more peds, vehicles (might be), and weapons, to make GTA SA is better and more difficult to finish it. 


What I modified from this game. 

- Add more Peds, Vehicles (might be), and Weapons.

- Add more Gang Members (I use some unused models and some recolour skins by myself). I add some Gang Girl Members too.  

- Modified some missions to make this game more difficult, can be GTA SA Hard Mode version. 

- Modified main.scm

- etc...


Another Mods that should use for this mod (download and use it): 

- Fastman92 Limit Adjuster (Primary, you must use it. Don't Replace!).

- SilentPatch.

- Mixsets

- SkyGfx.



You can see from these videos: 

- Melee Weapons

- Firearm Weapons


Some Missions That I modified:

- Ryder


- Cleaning The Hood






Work In Progress

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