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Best Usernames and Meaning Behind Yours

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  • JON22

    FECK U ALL >:(

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Posted 2 weeks ago

I like the username ArthurfookinShelby (not sure how it's spelt).

My username is nothing special. Just shortened my name and added random numbers.

  • Timcatgt5

    Street Cat

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Posted 2 weeks ago

My username is the best because Tim is my first name, the cat is a favourite animal of mine and the gt5 has no meaning and is there to make the name sound better.


    I'll be your sinner in secret.

  • Zaibatsu
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Posted 2 weeks ago

My favorite album by my favorite artist.



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  • Lazerface

    The Business

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Posted 2 weeks ago

My favorite album by my favorite artist.

Mariah Carey?
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Femme Fatale
  • Femme Fatale

    prettier n nastier

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Posted 2 weeks ago

My favorite album by my favorite artist.

Mariah Carey?
No, you silly goose. His favorite artist is Carly Rae Jepsen. Also, Mariah's album is called Emotions, not Emotion.

  • Audi


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Posted 2 weeks ago

Best name on here was Yolo Swaggins


As far as mine goes, I couldn't think of a username while registering to the site, looked out the window and saw my car in the driveway and said "f*ck it". 

  • Big_Smiley

    Oldies Rule Forever!! -Chuy Crica (1992)

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by Big_Smiley, A week ago.

I always digged the name Midnight hitmen And even OP's Neon Dreaming. Sounds so smooth for whatever reason. Like it would be a type of weed name, lolz. Also liked GrudgeFromSanandreas along with Ten-en-penny. <-What a clever way of spelling it :^:

My last name GTA_The_Series was pretty self explanatory. Just liked the gta series a lot. Took the inspiration from the youtube dudes with the same name expect without The :p

My recent name change has some long history regarding myself and growing up in 90's LA amongst my old block But i'm lazy af to look back on how i got the name.

Long story short. An old Veterano named Miguel from my old neighborhood block gave me the name who was really grate friends with my father when they met back in the early 70's. Always had a huge amount of respect for him since i was a teen. It's what a lot of the homeboys around the neighborhood used to call me back then when i was younger. The "Big" came in after seeing a group of very old friends i haven't seen in years at a barbecue who i grew up with in the barrio as young kids. I swear to this day i wanted to shed damn tears seeing how they were alive and well with thier kids and all but i didn't want to brake out since there was a lot of family relatives that one day, lol.

These days only my old childhood friends still call me by smiley. Everyone around the family including my gf simply calls me by my actual name :^:
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  • Pavle

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Posted A week ago

midnight hitman was a good one

Nice Person
  • Nice Person

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Posted A week ago

I like Emotion

Was originally called retarded b*tch because someone kept harrasing me with that punchline and i thought it was funny soz. Unfortunately some members got triggered and it got changed :p

  • Tyler

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Posted A week ago

Might as well do a break down of all my usernames.
MiamiViceCity: This was the first username I ever had when I started out in the GTA community. I just took Miami Vice and combined it with Vice City and thought it sounded cool.
SonOfLiberty: Some may think of it as me being a huge Metal Gear Soild fan, but it was more to do with my increasing GTA IV fanboy status and it was something I thought reflected it well.
PulpFiction: As much as I love the movie not long after I made it I wish I hadn't.
TheOtherRyan: Yeah. This one is definitely my least favourite looking back. I couldn't take Ryan so I wanted a username that reflected my real name, but it's just so cringey lol.
Algonquin Assassin: At first I was going to use Liberty City Assassin, but it just didn't sound as punchy so that's why I went for Algonquin Assassin which has a much better ring to it.

I legitimately thought these were all different members
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  • Straypuft

    Pilot For Hire

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Posted A week ago

My name is a mix of things, Stray for me not having any family, My name starts with Ray so I threw that in, the name is based off the Ghostbusters character the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man because im fat and I enjoy seeing him in the movie. Also, at the time of the name creation/selection, there were no exact word results for Straypuft on google.

Bruce Khansey
  • Bruce Khansey


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Posted A week ago

Me and my friends love to pull of puns as jokes or things like that. My username is a pun I came up with.


In my hometown we have a dish, a risotto, which is made with a particular herb that in our region is called "bruscandolo"; in our dialect, "bruscanso", singular, "bruscansi" plural.


"Bruscansi" is pronounced in a very similar way as "Bruce Khansey" in english.




As for my favourite username I wouldn't know, but many you've already mentioned are truly genius.

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  • Tokasmoka

    Street Cat

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Posted A week ago

Needed a good name for an Orc Warrior in WoW and I've used it ever since for anything videogame related. 

  • Carbonox

    Too weird to live but much too rare to die

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Posted A week ago

I like the username ArthurfookinShelby (not sure how it's spelt).

My username is nothing special. Just shortened my name and added random numbers.

Arthur Fooking Shelby is gone, now there's only ARTHUR. and we're all cringing like mad.

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  • Ma-mothers-Ma-Sister


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Posted A week ago

Inspired by a little quote everyone has heard, I consider myself a member for life and that isnt gonna change for no one. I belong on these forums

Hmmm nice bike
  • Hmmm nice bike

    No, my bike!

  • The Yardies
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Posted A week ago

Love George Costanza's username, a fellow Yardie.


Also, that's a nice two-wheeled motor vehicle

Homemade Dynamite
  • Homemade Dynamite


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Posted A week ago

My name history:


NightSpectre: Made just because I thought it sounded cool. Got tired of it after a while.


Lazor Guns: Wanted something different, don't know why I chose this though.


Homemade Dynamite: To reflect my excitement for Lorde returning, and it just sounded really really awesome.

  • spectre07


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Posted A week ago Edited by spectre07, A week ago.

My first username, I think was warriormaniac around 2005 old websites, inspired by the band Hellhammer/Celtic Frost.


My actual username is taken from the album "The Spectre Within" by the band Fates Warning, I love that album a lot and 07 by my birthday day and a like a lot this number (I don't believe in luck).

  • MostWantedMVP


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Posted A week ago Edited by MostWantedMVP, A week ago.

I liked "Most Wanted" because it sounded like a homage to Red Dead and Grand Theft Auto. Then I just added MVP because it sounds badass.  :lol:

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