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GTA3 flash site - which flash / browser combo?

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Posted 02 February 2018 - 10:33 PM

So I've been looking at the gta 3 site for nostalgia's sake ( http://www.grandtheftauto3.comor www.rockstargames.com/grandtheftauto3 )


If you go on the portland section of the flash site and go on the radio section, the radio previews don't come up properly, so you cannot listen to the uncensored version of flashback where the reference to the Duran Duran tourbus is uncensored.


I have tried an old version of firefox and older versions of flash player but it doesn't seem to help.

With flash player 7 the flash won't display correctly at all and with flash player 8 it will display as it does with the modern flash player but without the previews.


Now you might just think that rockstar lost the files but NO this isn't the case - I downloaded that particular element of the site ( www.rockstargames.com/grandtheftauto3/flash/industrial23.swf ) and then had a look in an swf decompiler and the audio file and player are in there and if you go to the correct frame it plays correctly. So the audio file is actually embedded inside the swf in this case.


So, does anyone know a good browser / flash version combination that displays correctly for the old rockstar sites?

Or is it that rockstar updated the swfs in some way and broke them? (unlikely but you never know).


Sorry for posting it here but it's more of a technical question and i thought modders would be better positioned to answer.


Also, would it be a good idea to try and mirror rockstar's sites for the old games before they get completely taken down and lost foreverer (or the multimedia content is removed, like on parts of the original gta site).


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