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what the heck is true key and why is it needed?

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Posted 01 February 2018 - 02:07 AM Edited by Craigsters, 01 February 2018 - 02:08 AM.

I have McAfee tell 2020 on my current PC and it wanted me to add a extension to my browser with chrome called true key, one sign in password for all sites, problem is when it prompted me for my full name it wouldn't except it and it wouldn't except my damn gmail account I entered into too



Owe when trying to register sign into this True Key application the Intel logo was on the far right hand top corner of the app or page



I ended up telling the  extension application no thanks, too complicated to use, they where sorry to see me go for there  true key extension that was too hard or picky about your personal information!..

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Posted 01 February 2018 - 12:55 PM

it's an automatic password extension, I'd presume an extension that's designed to handle all your passwords would probably require a certain amount of personal information incase you lose access and need to reset.

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