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How would you improve the main story?

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Posted 4 weeks ago Edited by Journey_95, 4 weeks ago.

Its already pretty damm good as it is (my second favourite story of the series) but nothing is perfect.


So if you could, what would you change about the story to improve it? 

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Posted 4 weeks ago Edited by Algonquin Assassin, 4 weeks ago.

I would stretch out the main story arc so Diaz is killed much later on. There should be more reconnaissance based missions because it feels like Diaz being revealed as the guy behind the botched deal occurs way too soon. Vice City has the best story of the 3D era, but it's the one thing that has always somewhat annoyed me about it.

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Posted 4 weeks ago

It needs interesting parts being added to make the story more engaging like focusing more on the drug businesses, entering into new potential business ventures for expanding the organization, step by step, w/o all the need to please Sonny, or running errands for irrelevant characters that have no real purpose.

I'd have preferred more emphasis being put on their rivalry, as total strangers, where Tommy proves to be a challenge for Sonny right from the start, with all the cat and mouse, tit for tat games being played out, making it a lot more exciting.

Tommy getting released from jail after 15 years, and able to fly helis, tanks and what not, makes no sense, whatsoever, esp. without any experience of any kind like flying school, etc since this is the time and period, when these things weren't easily accessible to the public, and not many criminals I doubt would have the knowledge of flying them on their own w/o hiring someone as a driver.

I'd replace the beginning with Tommy beginning a fresh start, not because he's in prison for fifteen years, but maybe like he wanted to escape Liberty city for all the crimes committed and the law and order is proving itself very strong to do any illegal crimes there. Tommy and Sonny could also have a small history of working in LC.

I'd also drop Vance from the story. Pointless addition which made the ending laughably silly, and showed Tommy as downright dumb at worst by handing over fake cash, as if Sonny is really stupid to not know about this, esp., when Tommy owns the asset for printing fake money. Like, it's the silliest ending I have seen in the series. This is why Vance's character needs to be completely thrown away from VC chapter.
Tommy should work on his own, trying to climb the criminal ladder with the support of interesting business contacts.
Remove all the voodoo stuff. That was another dumb aspect of VC's story. Tommy getting voodoo'ed and all, so easily by a woman, and then having no memory of his own actions, like what nonsense? Not saying to remove her character, but replace this voodoo crap with some serious, thought out, business relationship.

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Remove the wacky Auntie Poulet mission`s & add more mission`s to make the story a little more longer

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Evil empire
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Posted 3 weeks ago

I would add missions where Tommy keeps investigating about the initial ambush and meets and kills the 2 other hitmen (the fact Leo Teal is the only Tommy finds is strange and frustrating) while acting so Diaz doesn't have any suspicion about his real intentions like eliminating some witnesses.


I would also develop the rivalry between Sonny and Tommy with Sonny trying to sabotage some of Tommy's companies, informing the SWAT about Tommy's action  in El banco corrupto grande's robbery, Sonny helping the Vice City triads retaliate about the counterfeit money traffic.


I would add some missions for the movie studios involving pastor Richards who insists so the mayor Shrub forbids the porn movies.

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Posted 3 weeks ago

I honestly can't think of anything. It's just an outstanding game and story.

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Posted 3 weeks ago

I would stretch out the main story arc so Diaz is killed much later on. There should be more reconnaissance based missions because it feels like Diaz being revealed as the guy behind the botched deal occurs way too soon. Vice City has the best story of the 3D era, but it's the one thing that has always somewhat annoyed me about it.

Agreed, I like the whole story but my favourite part was always the first arc (beginning until you kill Diaz). I also think that the final Sonny arc could have been longer, it was just 2 missions. Would have been interesting if there was more of a war against the mob.

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Honestly, I don't think I would change much at all about the main story. Considering Rockstar produced the game in such a short period of time after dropping GTA III, I think they did an amazing job on a story everyone remembers so fondly more than fifteen years after its release. However, if they had more time to work on the story, this is what I would have liked to have seen...


Make better use of the main characters in the story already, rather than create new ones. The person who has the most history with the protagonist and who is also the main villain (Sonny) only appears on screen twice and the rest of his contribution to the story is through phone calls. I actually think this is what makes him effective as the main villain because Sonny appears to be very dangerous in both of his appearances and this effect would be weakened if Tommy were repeatedly outsmarting him, but the depth of the story suffers because of it. I also agree with the people who posted that Ricardo Diaz should have had more missions. He is supposed to be the biggest coke baron in Vice City, but all he ever seemed to do is shoot pigeons and send Tommy out to rob other people's deals. There should have been an entire arc dedicated to his cartel's cocaine business, and Tommy should of been forced to learn the in's and out's of how it all operated before deciding to take over Diaz's business. Tommy could then have had to make deals with all the people connected to Diaz to keep the cocaine business profiting. And absolutely Tommy should have acquired more proof that he ruined the deal in the beginning, though I am not sure he needed it as he seemed to decide early on that he wanted to be the big boss and no one was going to stand in his way.


More links with GTA III. Considering how close together the two games were released, I am surprised they did not intertwine the stories a bit more except for Tommy being from Liberty City and his bosses being an enemy mafia family. Ray Machowski seems to have a connection to Vice City (or Miami as it was called then) and Robert Loggia was in Scarface after all. Salvatore Leone could have been referenced as an ally or enemy of Sonny's plot to move the mafia into the cocaine business.


Some better villains. When you think of how much inspiration Vice City took from the television series Miami Vice I am surprised the game didn't feature an undercover cop trying to infiltrate Tommy's gang to try and find out what really happened to Diaz. Or the big bosses of Ricardo Diaz who aren't pleased that someone has killed their main person in Vice City. Or a major Cuban crime boss who tries to become your ally but ends up backstabbing Tommy. Even characters like Colonel Cortez or Mitch Baker had the potential to be big time antagonists but they all ended up friendly with Tommy in the end.


Expand on the little pieces of dialogue that are dropped throughout the game that explain a lot of the story's key plots. A lot of the material that could make the story more engrossing is actually already there, but the game doesn't make it explicitly clear. For example, you can look at the website for Vice City and decipher who ruined the deal at the beginning of the game, but it's never really mentioned in the story at all. Tommy can also appear to be quite one dimensional at times because of this because the back story he has is only ever really hinted at, never expanded upon. They could have included Georgio Forelli as a character in the story to go more in depth with the relationship between Tommy and the Forellis and why Tommy went to prison in the years before the game. I am sure Rockstar eventually cut a character from the story who Tommy was in prison with in Liberty City. This could have explained a lot more about him.


My two cents and change...

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