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fastman's adjuster isn't working for max mission script size bypass 69000 "cleo maps"

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by skatefilter5, 3 weeks ago.

I set the scm settings even gta underground same thing happens, it didn't work either


I have converted map from mta sa I made "big world" so I end up deleted some newer placed objects since bypassing 69000 when it was 75000 main size for custom mission.


As for SCM version to go up to 200000 i have even bypass vars of [email protected] any hack on that too even the game don't crash for bypassing [email protected] - i see original main.scm bypassing [email protected] - [email protected] - [email protected] in missions or whatever, it can't the same as cleo script version?


; max size in bytes of MAIN segment from main.scm (200000)
Max size of MAIN segment = 1200000  -- there's no hack to bypass [email protected] even force to compile as [email protected] [email protected] will crash the game just from bypassing like a cleo script

# max mission size from main.scm (69000)
Max mission size = 300000     -- i try 90000 too and don't work

; Running scripts (96)
Running scripts =546

; Mission cleanup array limit (75)
Mission cleanup = 500000    --it can cleanup all the objects - it works!

; Used object array (395)
Max number of used objects = 50000

; Switch jump table cases (75)
Switch jump table cases = 375

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