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What is your least favourite thing in your most favourite GTA?

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  • DirtCheap


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Posted 4 weeks ago

So after playing nearly every GTA in existence, I realised that every GTA, even the best ones, all have flaws. Whether it be minor, whether it be major, they have flaws.


So what is your least favourite thing in your most favourite GTA?


Also, don't say ''nothing'' as that's boring and uninteresting.


  • Tycek

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  • The Yardies
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Posted 4 weeks ago

Lack of rewards for various side missions in IV (achievements don't count). I would prefer to be given additional vehicles, weapons and clothes for various tasks as it was done in TLaD and TBoGT.

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  • Mr_Rager

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Posted 4 weeks ago

I remember hating how the Sixaxis tutorial on the phone was right next to the cheats menu, which often led to me having to wait to load into the tutorial then quit, pain in the ass.
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Jack Lupino
  • Jack Lupino

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Posted 4 weeks ago

San Andreas: The stupid yellow marker before every interior
and long animations for changing clothes.

Not having the ability to jump out of speeding car and limited weapons.
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  • JCars

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Looking back GTA IV's radio never really appealed to me. Yes, there were songs but I wouldn't say there was a specific station  to jump to. With most other games in the series, mainly V and VC, there's a good two or three stations that I love but IV never gave me that.

Algonquin Assassin
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Posted 4 weeks ago

GTA IV: With Tycek here. Lack of rewards. Also not much to spend money on and lack of customisation.

Vice City: The oversized useless beach, lack of swimming and story fizzles out too quick after Diaz is killed.
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  • NumberNineLarge

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Vice City: The Driver mission.

Femme Fatale
  • Femme Fatale

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Those damn pigeons.

Am Shaegar
  • Am Shaegar

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Least Fav. - SA is so good of a game that it has become difficult to get into any other GTA.
Most Fav. - Top notch storyline and characters.
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  • Sleepwalking


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Posted 3 weeks ago

V - having less interiors than older GTA's.

  • Acetaminophen

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Favorite things: All the GTA games besides GTA V


Least Favorite things: GTA V

Tao Cheng
  • Tao Cheng

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Posted 3 weeks ago

GTAIII: Working for the Italians.

  • Ohhh123r


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Posted 3 weeks ago

GTA IV: No radio off at radio selector unless pressing down D-pad for while (PS3 & XBox 360 control) and pressing X for PC and these damn Pigeons. But still a good game thru,

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