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GTA V Refusing to load Self Radio tracks

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Posted 14 January 2018 - 10:50 AM Edited by nkjellman, 14 January 2018 - 11:43 AM.

I had to reload Windows and now my GTA V refuses to sync my tracks.


I tried doing the auto scan, quick scan, and full scan from both in game and the pause menu. I also tried copying the database files from AppData\Local from my old Windows install, updating the track paths, and GTA V just erases the contents of the files and still pretends that there aren't any tracks.


Do you guys have any solutions? I know my tracks work as I used them on my old install.


Edit: It appears that when I rename my GTAV folder in the Documents/Rockstar Games folder, it somehow magically loads my SP save and graphics settings, without adding anything to that folder. I probably need to disable cloud saves. I wonder if it is reading those file contents off of the server without downloading them.





Edit: I found the problem. GTA V is reading my game saves from OneDrive. WTF? How can I fix this?


Edit: So I fixed the issue. Turns out that GTA V was not the issue. It was Windows. It seems on the more recent builds of Windows 10, some default settings have changed. One of them is a One Drive feature. One Drive has a feature which allows you to use it like a user folder, where it syncs your Documents, Desktop, Pictures,  etc... With it enabled, these files are synced to your other devices. To be honest, I think its a pretty neat feature, but I put a lot of crap in those folders, so I won't use it due to One Drive's file size limitation.

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