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Do you ever wish you were born in a different era?

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by Grae, A week ago.

Wouldn't want to live in any past era, just visit. But if I could have similar to some of my current mentality, experiences and tastes, I'd like to be reborn to whenever a degree of immortality becomes possible, if ever.

For the tastes bit, give my family old copies of some of the music, games, etc. I have now, a lot of which were before my current time, so with a similar mindset I could rediscover them or remakes.

But mainly, I wish to see more unfold than life normally allows. I believe practical immortality is achievable, free of aging at least. While I doubt it'll happen for me, I think by the time of my hypothetical great grandchildren it might. I wonder how it'd change humanity, like if the best equality and such happens and lasts and we'd really build on it (maybe that'll be crucial for us to colonise space, along with pressure to find to new resources, etc.), or the status quo hardens further, or... If that familial prediction is right, relative to human history it's so close, yet so far...

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