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Respect is everything

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Posted 4 days ago


Stumbled upon this gem, thought id shake up the nostalgia around here

Also, watching this all i can see is present day GTA:O, grind crates, evade noobs, bounties, gangs, only we got better graphics than irl back then ^^ (someone should totally recreate this in the editor)

Shame the mugger got him tho


I used to love that game... many hours spent inside. I rarely stop and appreciate all the chunks of virtual worlds and memories i got to experience through the GTA series.. Thanks Rockstar, gud tiems :)







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Posted 4 days ago

Love the late-90s aesthetic

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Posted 4 days ago Edited by HeavyDuke, 4 days ago.

Can't believe how it went from that, to this:


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Posted 4 days ago

gta2 spend soo many years playing that one

it was super simple when compared to other games from that time, but super fun.
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Posted 4 days ago

One of the best games of that time.

  • Rewdalf

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Posted 3 days ago

The longing for a simplistic police chase is real...


That's why I went back to Driver Parallel Lines recently. It has aged pretty well when considering what GTA has turned into.


Honestly, it felt completely out of this world to have one cop car chasing you rather than seventy eight, plus two choppers with navy seal snipers hanging off the side...

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Posted 3 days ago


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Posted 3 days ago

I was all about Zaibatsu. No f*cks were given.

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Posted 3 days ago


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Posted 2 days ago


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Posted 2 days ago

Love the 90's Drums and Bass they used for the 8 minute movie they made. This and the first GTA was so much for the time, once GTA III came out I was hooked on this series for life.

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