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Leave engine running after getting out of car?

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Am Shaegar
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Posted A day ago Edited by Am Shaegar, A day ago.

Online is actually good fun with friends, but what about single players who want to access those exclusive features not available offline, and have no friends or are just not interested in playing with a crew?


Take this feature itself for example. I am surprised to know that a simple tinny little thing called leaving engine on is not available in SP, but can be seen in Online.


Its like ..



It just doesn't make SENSE

  • Deadman2112

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Posted A day ago Edited by Deadman2112, A day ago.

That argument I support 100%
A grate deal of the stuff found online should be in SP.

I personally don't think a player should be punished by not having access to content like this in SP simply because they dont want to play online.

That is not cool to disenfranchised a grate deal of your supporting audience.
...not good business in my book

But the other comments...
I whole-heartedly disagree with
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  • JuliusCaesar

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Posted A day ago

No, I wasn't being petty, I was being funny since it was a fitting subject to the signature line, that's all.


And I wasn't devaluing you Deadman, didn't mean to sound that way if so.


I didn't know that the CEO and gunrunning and all was so lucrative. Maybe it's not so bad as it used to be. I am gonna go back to online again soon, after recently re-downloading GTA V to play again, I have to do some single player and warm up first ^^

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