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GTA Online MC Crew patch! Need Help!

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Posted 10 January 2018 - 07:12 PM

So I started this crew a while back with a dude I met on PS4 right? It was the Mongols MC GuiltyOnes. After about maybe a week or two. Dude kicks me from the crew (He was the Leader) and banned me. Takes the Emblem that I made and paid to have uploaded on GTA-S.com and just blocks me on PS4 and Social Club. This prick stole something that I spent a pretty good time making. I know how to do it but the issue is that the only computer I have atm is a 00' Gateway with XP on it. Not very good for running Photoshop. Basically I'm taking my patch back and I need someone to make some easy tweeks for me.


This is the Emblem that he stole from me. I took a patch I found online and used the template to switch it up.

The XFFX rocker on the right will stay, and the SYL13 will stay, as well as the FREE AIM patch.




This is the bare bones one that I used to revamp a little. It's a .PNG and it's already 512x512

All I need is for the Bottom Rocker on this to say "UNHOLY ONES" and the XFFX and FREE AIM patch added to the right.

Also as the original Emblem has "ELITE ONES" above the Bottom Rocker I just want it to say "ELITE FEW" Instead.


Shouldn't be too hard. I will compensate for your time. Please Respond ASAP.

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