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You CAN clone cars (in mobile only)

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Posted A week ago

I found by mistake that you can clone cars in SA mobile. I accidently closed the app while in my Banshee while in a garage, and when I reopened the app and resumed, the Banshee I was in was sitting on another identical one. I tested with various vehicles, and colors and special properties are retained. However, the clone's wheels go back to the stock ones, nitrous is lost, etc. This is useful for cloning AP vehicles (I can clone the AP Sultan or Sentinel from the Green Sabre. I also cloned my EP/FP Turismo and even my EP/FP Seasparrow on top of the Mulholland safehouse, which usually throws the one you're inside of onto the driveway in front of the house) I the the post http://gtaforums.com...-cars/?hl=clone, but it didn't mention anything on mobile

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