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Red Dead Redemption 2 Animals

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Posted A week ago Edited by DarthMaster09, A week ago.

Apparently Red Dead Wiki leaked the animal list for Red Dead Redemption 2. Do you think it's speculation or is it the real deal? I think it's legit because it's listing that alligators will be present which were shown in the second trailer. Far Cry 5's ecosystem and animal AI looks pretty good. I watched hunting videos on YouTube. The little details like a bear mauling someone or a skunk spraying you and you getting affected are impressive. I also noticed animals fighting each other instead of just humans. Hopefully Red Dead Redemption 2 implements these little detailed features as well. Do you think that Red Dead Redemption 2's animals will be smarter and overall a better experience than Far Cry 5's? I'm hoping to see a lot of variations of different species like a black bear for example. Also, different sizes of animals, some more muscular, bigger or smaller. Maybe baby animals? I would also like to see wicked horses be unlocked online such as the Unicorn and War. That would be awesome! See the list of Red Dead Redemption 2's animals below.


- Armadillo


- Alligator


- Badger


- Bats


- Bear


- Beaver


- Beaver


- Bigfoot


- Boar


- Buzzard


- Cat


- Chicken


- Cougar


- Coyote


- Crow


- Deer


- Dog


- Donkey


- Duck


- Eagle


- Elk


- Falcon


- Fish


- Fox


- Frog


- Geese


- Goat


- Hawk


- Horse


- Lizard


- Mule


- Opossum


- Owl


- Pig


- Porcupine


- Prairie Dog


- Rabbit


- Raccoon


- Rat


- Raven


- Seagull


- Sheep


- Skunk


- Snake


- Songbird


- Squirrel


- Toad


- Turkey


- Vulture


- Weasel


- Wolf

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Posted A week ago

Anyone can edit a wiki, it's very unlikely it's a real leak. 

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Posted A week ago

I was actually hoping for this list to be true. I like the animals on the list. Do you think that the animals in RDR 2 will be a better experience than Far Cry 5's animals? I would think so since Far Cry 5 is a Ubisoft game. Rockstar Games are one of the best, if not the best video game company out there.

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