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[GTAO] With Your Final, Dying Breath You Uttered…

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Posted A week ago



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Posted A week ago Edited by Lupo-Akane, A week ago.

Guess I could go with- I..i..i..d..id.your mom.., be like them brain dead tryhards lol.
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  • DangerZ0neX

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Posted A week ago Edited by DangerZ0neX, A week ago.

"Uhh... ergh... damn, can't come up with a cool one-liner."

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Posted A week ago

"f*ck this f*cking laggy game!"

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Posted A week ago

If I'm killed: 

For close up kills
* "Jokes on you, I've got AIDS!" 

* "Cock!"

* "Why do you smell like piss?"
* "I just farted!"

For shootout kills
* "COCK!"
* "Take off your bulletproof helmet, tryhard!"
* "Ouch muh penis!"

Sniper, RPG, or other long distant kills
* "But you didn't get to see how good I look?!"
* "Your mom is still fat!"
* (heard as a far distant cry) "Cock!"

Now, for when I do the kill: 

Close up kills
* "EGGS!"

For Shootout Kills
* "I haven't been this erect in years!"
* "Never order pineapple pizza again!"
* "I'll tell your mother you died like a bitch!"
* "Can I have your porn collection??"

Sniper, RPG, or other long distant kills
* "Now that you've learned about dilation, remember to always stick it in her boipuss!"
* "Sucks for you that I'm rich enough to use the orbital canon on you"
* "Cars gone now, buddy! Now get naked and lets wrestle!"

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  • Pedinhuh

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Posted A week ago

"Meh, I'm respawning in 3 seconds anyway."
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  • LeakyLine

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Posted A week ago

"Don't you care who sent it?"
"But it's probably a trap!"

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Willy A. Jeep
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Posted A week ago

One I've long used for impressive deaths is "Now that's how it's done." Things like long shootouts, impressive long-distance snipes, and the rare missed-shot, melee-kill ballet.


For specific movie/media quotes, though, I can think of only a few:


  • "The light was yellow, officer..." Elwood Blues, from The Blues Brothers, for police-caused deaths.
  • "It's my function!" Air Conditioner, from The Brave Little Toaster, for suicides (preferably explosive).
  • "I don't want to go." 10th Doctor, from Doctor Who episode The End of Time, for burning.
  • "Adventure is out there!" Multiple, from Up, for falling.
  • "Bang." Spike Spiegel, from Cowboy Bebop, for non-headshot firearm-caused death.
  • "Oh, well, what the hell." McWatt, from Catch-22, for propeller blade-caused death and aircraft crashes.
  • "Well, Doc. It's destroyed." Marty McFly, from Back To The Future Part III, for vehicle destruction-caused death.
  • "My mom always told me Vinewood would kill me." Robbie, from Sharknado, for physics object-caused death. Originally "Hollywood."
  • "Critical death scream" Soldier, from Team Fortress 2, for melee.
  • "It appears I've lost..." Shizu, from Book One of The Beautiful World, for headshots.


On the flip side, as some others have mentioned, cool one-liners for causing deaths is also a cool topic. As this is so far only dedicated to last words, I'll save my ideas on that for later.

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Posted A week ago

Either "ayy lmao" or "f*cking f*ck goddamit, f*ck this game"

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Posted A week ago


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Posted A week ago

  • "It's my function!" Air Conditioner, from The Brave Little Toaster, for suicides (preferably explosive).

Wow. Digging deep into the animation archives for this one! Nicely done!!!

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Liquid Snake 245
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Posted 6 days ago

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Chrome Toyota Prius
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Posted 6 days ago


Specifically the first few seconds.

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Posted 6 days ago

Ran Over By NPC Civilian


You Cock Knocker! I'll nibble a hole in your tire to get even if I have to!

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Posted 5 days ago


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Posted 4 days ago

"reply to this post or your mother will die in her sleep tonight"
"the game"

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