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Blowing up the train

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  • Markhosdangerous

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Posted A week ago Edited by Markhosdangerous, A week ago.

In the beta stage of GTA V is very likely that you could actually destroy the train, sadly as you know this feature is removed in the final version, as blowing up the plane (or Airtrain) in GTA III, but what do you might now know is that you can actually do it in a mission, check it out!

  • Deadman2112

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Posted A week ago Edited by Deadman2112, A week ago.

Ummm yeah....
It can, and does, also during the arms trafficking missions

Cutter De Blanc
  • Cutter De Blanc

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Posted A week ago

You can also blow up the train if you switch to Trevor and he wakes up on the train tracks as a train is coming, you can blow that train up if you're fast enough.
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  • BigBadMF

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Posted A week ago

That vid is awesome. Speshully the slo-mo part. You can see the shock waves of the explosions and sh*t.

The interesting question I have is....can I ride the damn train all the way around San Andreas and still blow it up?

That is my next experiment. I had always just dropped on it and blown it up as soon as I could.

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  • Yinepi

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Posted A week ago Edited by Yinepi, A week ago.

You could also likely drive it in the beta given that it's internally recognized as an actual vehicle and not an animated prop.

Blowing it up hardly seems worth the effort to do it though. If the train glitched out and flew into the air or something then that would be worth it.

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  • BigBadMF

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Posted A week ago Edited by BigBadMF, A week ago.

Well, I let the train run to the other end of Paletto Bay. So it seems that it is the train itself which has the property of being blown up, not just having that property in the area of the bridge. Also, all the railcars can be blown up, too, unlike all other railcars on other trains.

What disappoints me is that you have a regular train passing by every 5 minutes when you are just hanging around by train tracks, but when you blow the train up, no other trains appear. We could have such fun if trains would continue to arrive where a train is wrecked.

The only negative is the new trains would probably just be your average train and be unstoppable.

Ok so I am going to continue the experiment.

And I agree Yinepi. But that is the awesome thing about games...being able inspect every possible aspect of what can be done with the physical world.

We get to experiment with a world in GTA V, while in real life we cannot. :cool: 

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