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How does Ma Cipriani look like?

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Jack Lupino
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Posted A week ago

Ma cipriani(tonis mom) is a very important character in this game.She is in 7 missions but is never seen only her voice is heard. There is only slight reference to her in gta 3 in Salvatores Called a Meeting.

What do you think she would look like? And was her character supposed to be hidden all the time?

  • ClaudeIzABadAzz

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Posted A week ago



She wasn't really hidden, it just wasn't necessary for her to make an appearance.

Ronald Reagan
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That's her.




Your eyes don't lie.



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Posted A week ago



There was a reason why she was unseen.

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Hmmm nice bike
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"Toni, the restaurant's on fire!"

"No, ma, it's just the Northern Lights"

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Like Tony, only with tits!

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Penguin Bob
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Posted A week ago

All of you guys are WRONG. This is her. LOL 356c51b53318aa2ce9292c791d412031_400x400

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