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Grand Theft Auto IV: 10th Anniversary

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Posted A week ago




Why Rockstar not release a version for Nintendo Switch? It would be great if you can play GTA4 on Switch whenever you are outside or at home.

Because GTA IV came out in 2008 and the Nintendo Switch didn't exist then. As for now, no ports of GTA IV have even been hinted at so you can't really cry about it not being on the Switch when it's on nothing. :p


Neither did the XB1, yet you can play it on that.


...because that's EMULATION, not a PORT, know the difference.


Please do establish the difference between the two.

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Posted 6 days ago

Port is where the game is sold in it's own Xbox One cover instead of playing the Xbox 360 version on the Xbox One


On the other hand, LA Noire did get this type of release.


Sorry if this wasn't what you meant..



Now what I think is that they might release it to the next-gen consoles with a few upgrades to the graphics.

(Not to forget, pc too :) )

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