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Which GTA has the worst fanbase?

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  • D9fred95

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Posted A week ago Edited by D9fred95, A week ago.

GTA Online for me. When a fanbase struggles with the basic concept of "Don't destroy the van until the upload is complete" or think wasting hours of somebodies business progress for a measly $2000 with the argument "The game told me to do it" then I'd say they don't deserve a positive reputation.

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  • ToyGT_one

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Posted A week ago

GTA online, some GTA 4, San Andreas and GTA 5 fanboys are bad but GTA Online and it's casuals are just...God help me please.
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Posted A week ago

GTA Online, GTA SA (outside this forum), and GTA IV/V, in that order.

  • Gtaman_92

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Posted A week ago Edited by Gtaman_92, A week ago.

GTA Online easily.

  • DuduLima

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Posted A week ago

GTA Online, damn kids ruined things up... it is like COD fanbase came to GTAO and made the damn ship sunk into the fkin deep sea. kids/players with bad arguments, erratic and disrespectful behavior, non-sense fights and argues, well sometimes in this forum we see/saw how these people act ...

Well i didn't had any problem with GTA SA or GTA IV fanboys, and even these guys have some points when comparing and talking about other GTA's but .... the GTAO players, actions and excuses to defend the actual GTA Online game/model .... damn ... it is like a post peeing in a dog ... a non-sense bullsh*t.

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  • Arrow

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Posted A week ago

GTA Online and San Andreas probably. GTAO because of the huge world of multiplayer and San Andreas, where minors can't stop admiring how cool the storyline is to them. Online it a bit worse considering the ridiculous amount of time people spend complaining about glitches, modders, rewards, heists, events and shark cards. And I used to think that nothing could trump the IV fanboys.
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  • Ohhh123r

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Posted A week ago

GTA Online and some GTA San Andreas fanbase for my opinion.

  • DirtCheap


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Posted A day ago

Despite me loving both games to death, I would have to say the GTA IV and V fanbases.

Both fanbases love their games but practically hate other games (not saying the entire fanbases do).

They get pissed if you put their favourite games in a negative light but have no problem mentioning another games' problems, even when not needed.

The more I look at these fanbases, the love for both games decreases slightly.

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Posted A day ago Edited by Algonquin Assassin, A day ago.

IV, and maybe Online. I never really saw any bad attitude coming out of SA fanbase, not in the last couple of years.


What about Osho then? I mean even San Andreas fans were embarrassed of him. Oh and that SA4Life troll that used to crap on how CJ's the "God" protagonist. It's not quite as bad as 2008 when the San Andreas fanboys came out in droves, but like anything you're always going to get a few rotten eggs in a basket.

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  • Ash_735

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Posted A day ago

GTA Online, easily for the YouTube culture it has and the amount of fans who just lap up anything Rockstar drip feed as they call it super amazing. (Though the tides have turned somewhat as I've seen more complain recently over the past few weeks)

As much as there IV fans and V fans arguing all the time and being sh*tty and bitchy to each other I really just see that as part of the bubble this forum generally has where these people get so used to calling their game the best it becomes the default go to, I mean let's be honest when the next GTA drops, it'll be V fans calling that sh*tty and arguing why, the cycle goes on.

Another fanbase which is sh*tty though, Speedrunners, f*ck them "OMG Rockstar released these games in a perfect state and they should be played as is, STOP FIXING THINGS!".
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