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2018 Releases

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Well, that was that. 2017 is over. I'm not going to waste any of your time - what are you anticipating to be released in 2018? Like last year, I'm hoping for a new album from Boards Of Canada. They've been more active than usual on social media which is usually a promising sign, and it's their way of drumming interest from fans who are already clamouring for a release. I'm also quietly optimistic we'll see new music from Aphex Twin and Death Grips.


Apparently there's a posthumous Jimi Hendrix album due this year too, which has been likened to "Crosby, Stills & Nash on acid" so that's at least worth a listen. Not much of what's been released of his since his untimely death has been great unfortunately, so maybe this will change that. Speaking of posthumous releases, I think we might see another project from Prince if his estate can pull their finger out. The man literally had hundreds of hours worth of stuff. I get that he was a perfectionist and wouldn't share anything he wasn't proud of but c'mon.


Brockhampton also have a project planned, making this their 4th album in at least 12 months. As it turns out, they're not breaking up and they're as keen as ever to keep sharing some relatively fresh sounding hip hop. ANTEMASQUE (a band born from the ashes of The Mars Volta) have been teasing a follow up to their debut for well over two years now, so hopefully that sees the light of day as well.


What are yours?

  • Matrelith

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Jamie Hewlett has stated in an interview that Gorillaz will drop another album this year. Apparently they have enough inspiration that we don't have to wait another five years. Nothing is ''officially'' confirmed however, but it's definitely something I'll keep an eye out for.

Other than that I'm just going to let myself be surprised. 

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  • Conici

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Posted 2 weeks ago

I am also holding quite hope for Death Grips early 2018 release after seeing that they are working with Lucas Abela or Justice Yeldham I am really excited to see what comes of it in the new album. 


Brockhamptons Team Effort is another album I'm looking forward too, I think Kevin said on twitter that Team Effort will be different from the SAT trilogy so maybe we see some features they have been friendly with Billie Eilish on twitter and she opened for them recently I would like to see that. 


Clipping. posted on twitter on new years "Resolution: new album" so fingers crossed that means 2018 release I loved Splendour & Misery they have been releasing some of the best experimental hip hop out so anything new will be highly anticipated. 


Mons Vi an indie lo-fi artist has been steadily releasing new work over the past 2 years and that looks to continue in 2018 I'm anticipating his work and the growth and development of his style.


Earl Sweatshirt also on new years day confirmed on twitter that he will be releasing new music and, well you can't go wrong with Earl.


That's a few of the new music I'm really looking forward to.



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Posted 2 weeks ago

Nils Frahm' All Melody album is coming in January 26th


I am hoping a new album of Zero 7 and new stuff of several IDM and ambient artists like Aphew Twin, FSOL, Boards of Canada, and others...

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  • yanqui

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Posted 2 weeks ago

agree on new boards of canada. is it too soon to hope for a new portishead album this year? almost a decade now since the last one.

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Posted A week ago

The last I heard of Portishead was then doing an ABBA cover for an independent film a few years ago. I'd say we're about due for new material from them. Whether they will or not remains to be seen, ten years can fly by when you're not paying attention.

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Arrows to Athens
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Posted 7 hours ago

Breaking Benjamin's new upcoming album ''Ember'' and Thirty Seconds to Mars' new upcoming album, of which the album name has not been announced yet.

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