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A new players feedback

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by frishter, 3 weeks ago.

So I'm new to GTA online, and while there are elements where it seems like it could be enjoyable, there are a lot of issues I can see.


Firstly it doesn't seem very intuitive, especially for new players. A while ago a did attempt to try it out briefly, did the starter mission, held up a store and I couldn't figure out what else to do. There were some multiplayer points on the map like races that seemed mostly empty and only after looking up did I found about the jobs section for all of the content. It also seemed to be a game where I needed to do a lot of research into the game, such as to help me decide the businesses and how to best set up those businesses.


Another highly frustrating thing is the phone spam. While reminders can be nice, I really wish Lester in particular would shut the hell up. Yes I get that a need to buy a facility as well as a hangar for ron, the bunker for the agent and every bloody other thing. I will do it when I can, I don't need such extensive pestering. Maybe even a log or emails would suffice, but I don't really want every session to annoy me.


There's also gameplay issues. I've crashed maybe twice in a mission with a friend while warned that I would be put with other less behaved people if it becomes too common. I kind of get that, but at the same time, such a thing doesn't appear to happen if you actually intend to leave. So unless it silently applies, then it seems to just potentially punish people who actually legitimately face issues. I have left on purpose on some matches when its really lopsided eg 4v6 and we're hellalosing, otherwise I stick with it even if we're losing. After all everyone else seems to. Which brings me to another point, the matchmaking is pretty bad... Sometimes it's hard to find players, and even then teams are rarely balanced or even even. It's definitely something that can be improved. Other issues have been stuck on loading screens a t times, or something that just happened is that I was waiting on someone else to finish their import/export customisations who I guess used the same warehouse, then when we exit we were both stuck and couldn't move so lost a fair amount of money and time collecting the cars (they were just a random).


Lastly, griefing is just ridiculous. The majority of the time I've done sightseer, someone kills me. The last time I just ran past them looking to see if they would fire, they didn't so I ignored them. I get in my car and boom.... There's also been people trying to blow my vehicles, some successfully that cost me time, money and the potential 100k. It feels really crappy to constantly have to deal with these people, especially as someone new trying to get everything from scratch. I could manipulate a solo instance, but I'd still pay from increased AI, it causes other issues such as not being able to team with a friend in a mission I got invited to unless I restart the whole game (which takes forever), and it also kind of defeats the purpose if it being online content. Along with griefers, there's obviously hackers which seem to have been playing for a while and still manage to pull of obvious cheats, but I'm sure that's well documented.


I don't necessarily expect these issues to be looked at now, but I would like them to be looked at in the future. Some of it may be down to being focused towards console play such as the clumsy menus, so it is better to have a PC port than nothing at all, though it could still be better. The game does have promise, but there are lots of things that lead to it being a more frustrating experience. It also disappoints me that I find it hard to find a long term game that I'm happy with. So many same to have greedy attitudes, be plagued with issues, lose creativity and/or make the game less fun but milk the players more. In GTA onlines case, I feel like griefing is one of the main annoyances. Google tells me people grief less nowadays, but it doesn't really seem to be my experience and it shouldn't be so heavily promoted imo. Obviously GTA online must be doing something right, but in my experience a positive experience and a successful experience don't necessary cross paths and it would be nice to work on both more.


Edit: One last thing is that when doing missions with friends, it's kind of annoying that you can't choose which one to do next, but you have to quit then reselect it and wait for loading times in between.

Edit2: Oops, feel a little silly for not realising this was a fansite :D

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Welcome to GTA Online on PC. Look up the gta online subforum here. Not much happening on this PC subforum.

Poke me if you are looking for company. You can bypass some of your problems by playing only with crew/friends.

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Posted 2 weeks ago

When I get my GTA V to work I will send you a pm and maybe we can meet up online.

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