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It's 2018! The 10th Year Anniversary for GTA IV is in the horizon! Share your best memories of IV and Liberty City.

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Posted A week ago

Tbh i would be happy with patch for PC release, which would fix z-fighting and improve optimization. (and could be base for current gen consoles port)

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Posted A week ago

I remember stories that R* wanted it to be more realistic and grounded, which I was fine with. But when I got the game I ended up comparing it to SA. It was meant to be more real, but the food and gym work element had gone. We were unable to go and customise our cars. The parking space vehicle saves were really unreliable & I was always losing cars I liked because of them. I was disappointed that the burglary jobs had been dropped.

But there were positive introductions, like the net, which has obviously been my expanded and better utilised in V. But you found some GF's through the dating sites & beyond that, some of the dating profiles had me lol. Food didn't change your appearance anymore, but we can't even go and pick up some pizza or get a cluckin bell in V. It featured things that would have benefitted V IMO too. Like the comedy club and cabaret shows.

Imagine if you could go to Tequila lala and listen to rock and metal bands in there, play pool or darts against other players or NPC's. And so it didn't get too samey, R* changed the music being played a few times a year or so.

Pool - I really liked taking a break from missions to play a few games of pool. I would usually take Jacob, a key person to keep sweet so you could use his weapon delivery service. But you could also play an NPC in the bar.

As far as multiplayer went, I occasionally played other modes, but spent about 95% of my time racing. I loved to race in that game, probably because I went on insane winning streaks. I would race anything, contact, non, but my favorites were GTA for the chaos. My favorite was called long drag (I think) it was the longest circuit in the game, most of it raced on liberties overpasses, time square was also fun, I became an expert at dodging the buses that trolls would hijack to try and screw people over with.

Can't say I've had races as fun as those on V. And since stunt tracks it's hard to even get a handful of people into a lobby for a regular road race.
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Posted A week ago

The thing I liked of GTA IV was one of my favorite radio stations ever, The Journey and Self Actualization FM:



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Posted A week ago

The thing I liked of GTA IV was one of my favorite radio stations ever, The Journey and Self Actualization FM

This. Aphex Twin's 17 in the IV trailer still gives me cold shivers. Journey FM really added a lot to the ambition when cruising down the rainy and dark LC streets where the music fit well. No game has given me an experience quite like this.

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