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Why do people call Tommy Vercetti overrated?

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Penguin Bob
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Posted 2 weeks ago

Clearly Trevor is overrated. Not saying i don't like him, but Trevor is the overrated one. If you think Tommy is overrated, explain to me why is he overrated to you. I thought he was a GREAT protagonist and he had some kind of heart and he had some funny quotes. :D



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Jack Lupino
  • Jack Lupino


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Posted 2 weeks ago

Not my favourite Protag but he was cool.I would like him if he had more lines to say outside of cutscene.
I would say CJ is overrated.
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Penguin Bob
  • Penguin Bob

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Posted 2 weeks ago

I would like him if he had more lines to say outside of cutscene.

He did have some quotes outside of cutscenes. Mostly insults.

Femme Fatale
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Posted 2 weeks ago

Who calls him overrated? The only person who I know calls him that is the PBM who likes feet and little girls.

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  • watersgta3


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Posted 2 weeks ago

Well to be fair, all the protagonists (except for Toni and Vic maybe) are overrated in some ways.

Claude is overrated due to the fact that many people treat him as if he was a character on his own when the game he was in was released.

Tommy is overrated due to how many people praise how badass he is while also ignoring some of his flaws.

CJ is overrated due to how many fans treat him like he's God (just read SA4life's past comments of him) and even act as if he had no moments where he did anything sordid (I'm looking at you, Osho!).

My point is that fans tend to overrate the protagonists in many different ways.
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Am Shaegar
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Posted 2 weeks ago

Nothing wrong. Fans are free to treat any aspect of the game the way they desire. To admire something about the game [ in this case - Tommy Vercetti ] doesn't automatically mean they are overrating him. It depends on what exactly make fans appreciate or admire Tommy in any form. I like CJ a lot, but I also admire Tommy, Claude, and Trevor. People talking about others overrating a protagonist means nothing to me, when they themselves have no hesitation in overrating or exaggerating something they like.


Its good to have different people with different tastes. I don't mind people appreciating Trevor, if they really enjoyed playing him. It doesn't necessarily mean they are overrating him, unless they are using Trevor for some sort of comparison, and objectively compare one or more aspects about him with those protagonists they find or think more overrated than Trevor.

Evil empire
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Posted 2 weeks ago

Like CJ and I suppose many other main characters Tommy has his fan-club but I don't think he's that overrated. Despite being a ruthless-selfish-greedy-unlawful-psychpathic killing-machine he has largely more charism than Claude and his uni-dimensional badass-alpha-male personality serves him right and makes him an agreable character to play although I wouldn't go until saying he's the best main GTA character ever.

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Posted A week ago

Tommy might come across a bit cliche (Then again they all do), but what I like about him is his brash, take no sh*t attitude. He's perfect for someone wanting to take over the city to make a name for himself.

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Posted A week ago

I wouldn't say he's overrated exactly, but I can understand why people would. He's a protagonist of many firsts for the series. Tommy was the first playable character to receive a voice, and a personality at that. The magic of Claude was you could project your own personality onto him through your playing style. Whilst Tommy definitely had his own voice, opinion and morals, you as the player were able to influence this slightly and his demeanour was generic enough that it fit well within the story and setting. You could play it safe, or you could go in all guns blazing. Whatever your tactics, Tommy never really clashed with it.


He stood out too. Fresh from the drab and dreary city of Liberty, we saw sunshine, palm trees, lapping waves and one of the loudest Hawaiian shirts seen this side of Vice. He stood dominant in early screenshots, wielding a katana overhead that played with the sunset behind him. It's easy to see why people put so much into this character, and why he's so well revered today. Things took a step backwards with CJ, presenting him in nothing but blue jeans and a white vest (at first) that mirrored his surroundings well, but did little to show off what made him special. Tommy is the quintessential protagonist for many, and it just so happens you play as him in one of the most beloved games of the series.


To me? I'm not what you'd call a die-hard Tommy fan but I can see why people would consider him so good as a protagonist.

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