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wat do yu guys think of the idea i had for a new dlc

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Posted 30 December 2017 - 05:48 AM Edited by caveman3443, 30 December 2017 - 05:50 AM.

Hello, my name is caveman4322 and I would like to take some time explaining an idea I have had a long time.
I would like to see a map expansion and a whole new ingame type of wilderness that have both caves different types of animals in them and more islands around the Los Santos area. for example outside real-life Los Angeles, there's a volcano in the wilderness area of it why don't you copy that volcano and put it on an island outside Los Santos??  the volcano i am talking about is a volcanic field thats called Lavic Lake volcano its 1,495 meters high .  
i would also like a new gang to appear called the natuerboys.  now this gang is one of the few gangs that will have a friendly hostile relationship to the players. i want this new gang to be pretty primitive in both dressing and veichels they are using first of this gang which is gonna be new is the only gang that will send the world war 1 era ft-17 results after yu  it also will send technicals after yu and Albany Roosevelts secondlye whit the new caves yu can buy (aka lava tubes)  yu can also find lava tubes not for sale that yu can enter around the volcanic field  yu can store  world war 1 era tanks and  cars  and including repaint and spray yur bikes and put insurences on yur bikes in this garage yu can start 3 cargo missioens in this hangar to use for reserching new world war 1 wepoenery and stone age wepoenery and clothing (picture of 1 stoneage outfit and 1 world war 1 outfit) these clothings can be used to make advances to yur progress as a naturale talent  first crate animale matiriels (will be protected bye gang  yu cant escape in helicopter  cause ww1 biplanes fighters will come after yu) 2dly  rocks and wood this will also be protected bye the gang   3dly yu will have free mode heists where yu got to plan and rob banks around los santos like in singelplayer including the one that michale and the other guys did in the end of singelplayer champaigne. 4th the 3d last cargo type will be recovering rusted parts of world war 1 tech that is either parts of ships or crashed biplanes or ww1 tank parts these parts will be defended bye the gang and  when on water if its underwater these parts will be defended bye ww1 ships thats controlleball or stoneage era ships like canoens  ther will be 1 new website that makes all veichels in this update for sale. all new veichels have ther own unique customisation that only can be researched and upgraded in the caves.  now I recommend doing research on stoneage and world war 1 tech and I really hope to see this new gang already using the new double action revolver and musket but make sure they're using all world war 1 weapons and equipment and veichels + all stoneage weapons and equipment + boats I really would love to use a stone-age bow and arrow  ________________
List of cars they are going to use

Rusty Rebel


roosevelt valor






renualt ft-17


technical aqua



endurex race bike


tri-cycles race bike



p-45 nokota



Aeromarine 39

AirCo DH.2

AirCo DH.4

AirCo DH.5 

Albatros D.II

Albatros D.I

Albatros D.III

Albatros D.V


boats in use


B-class (submarine)

BNS Minas Gerais (dreadnought battleship) 

D-class (submarine)

SM U-19 (submarine)

Dugout canoe

birchbark canoe

weapons used by the gang
Baseball bat
pool cue
heavy revolver
marksman pistol
double barrel shotgun
molotov cocktails
bow and arrow
flint spear
flint axe
flint knife
these are the equipment I would love to see the nature boys gang using.
what do you guys think of my idea?? is it good if so could you pls do me a favour and help me get such an update into GTA online.

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Posted 30 December 2017 - 06:30 AM

For realism I'd rather see the snipers in police helicopters gone from any of the wanted levels and replaced by military ground troops on only the highest wanted level.

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