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Incresing lampost lights draw distance for better night experience

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Posted 30 December 2017 - 01:37 AM Edited by lastpackage, 30 December 2017 - 01:39 AM.

I love LC at night and I find it very sad that gta iv has so limited street lights draw distance. Even with a 2dfx, when flying a heli, the LC looks like it's on a blackout with some random dots. I found out that the light sources (the invisible points that are producing light on the ground) are attached to a lampposts through .wft models located in \pc\data\maps\props\roadside\lamppost.img. These models are also holding parameters of attached light source (type, color, radius and more importantly draw distance). You can extract any lampost model as openformats and edit .light file to change parameters. I changed this draw distance value for all lampposts to 1300 and it seems to work, light never disappear before the model, but now the lights are disappearing when the lamppost model itself disappears, and that's controlled by draw distance inside \pc\data\maps\props\roadside\lamppost.ide. The problem is that lammpost model draw distance doesn't seem to go above 300, even 3000(which is the max draw distance value according to gtamodding.com) makes no difference relative to 300.
How do I make dynamic object model never disappear?
Maybe I have to add LOD to it?
Can even dynamic objects have LODs?
Anyone has any ideas?

I know it's possible, because there are 'special' ligths with unlimited draw distance in star junction:
They are probably attached to buildings and roads but i cant inspect that because i cant find these models in files and gta iv doesnt have any map editor that let me find static object name.
I also know drawing all ligts at once could lead to 5fps, but gta v somehow achived that effect:

streets far away are still kinda yellowish and i'm not talking about coronas.

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