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What does use .noa files?

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Guys, can someone explain me what are the .noa files for SD?



YasirRFL King
  • YasirRFL King

    If you cant explain it.The You don't understand it.

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Posted 3 weeks ago

This means if you have a music file that you want to play through cutscenes like Objective 2 to 15 but if you use 02.mp3 ,03.mp3 , in the SD folder it will always repeat the song and don't play more , So you have to choose an am.mp3 file that will play in the mission without stopping, but you have to stop the song that's where you have to use .noa file ,like you don't want your music to be played on 15th ,16th and 17th cutscenes or Objective, so you just have to create a .noa file with name 15.noa ,16.noa and 17.noa and put it in the SD folder and ta daa the music will not play on 15 to 17 Objective.

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