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Her side of the story

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Posted 26 December 2017 - 12:31 AM

Ive been playing gta for years and have noticed most of the game play is male based.  it is great that they have a female character online but it would be even better it they had a female character in the story line, say a character that is an undercover cop working in the strip club, then you could work in the strip club and earn money that way, learn to pole dance, etc.  yes it is sad and frustrating that the clothing is not as good as the npc, which is really annoying, i just feel it is one sided and maybe if they make a gta v1 it should be of the females side. you should be able to design your own style of clothes as well. i just feel it would give more females more options then the traditional old school gangster wannabe mobster.

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Posted 26 December 2017 - 01:10 AM

I'd love to have a female protagonist, preferably one who has a good girl image(a princess, if you will), but she's secretly a bad bitch. Kind of like the young woman in this pic.

She'd look stunning wearing this shirt.
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Posted 26 December 2017 - 01:48 AM

I'd love to have a female protagonist, preferably one who has a good girl image(a princess, if you will), but she's secretly a bad bitch. Kind of like the young woman in this pic.


She'd look stunning wearing this shirt.

No I don't want to play as Snooki from Jersery Shore 

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Posted 26 December 2017 - 01:50 AM

Again with this? K, I'll just say it again

The criminal world is a male world. It will take some work to pull it off and make a female protagonist seem realistic. I am sure that it would backlash since portraying women as criminals might cause just as much controversy.

Nobody's demanding a female protagonist, it's just gross that any time someone tries to have a discussion about possibly having a female protagonist in a GTA game, everyone flies into a misogynistic fit. Would making a female protagonist in a GTA game be easy? Not really. It would be a challenge to write a female character into a believable role that would allow them to be sympathetic enough to like but also a strong enough character to make the player feel like a badass, but it's not impossible whatsoever. I think the upsetting thing isn't that the choice wasn't made to put a female protagonist in Grand Theft Auto: Next, it probably wouldn't sell well. It's sad that people would be unwilling to play as a female character, no matter how well written or cool she is. There's very little OPTION for a woman to be a playable character if they want to succeed financially.

With that said, WHO can take a female GTA protag serious? A woman that kills cops and makes it to the top of the criminal world? She can whoop most men in the area's asses? How are prostitutes going to work? Is she going to be a stud or a girly girl? There's so many different things that make it too difficult to enjoy the game if there was a female protagonist. I ask again, HOW ARE PROSTITUTES GOING TO WORK? THIS IS A VITAL PART OF GTA! I assure you that the only reason that Tomb Raider, a female protagonist game, is successful with male gamers is because she is SEXY. Feminist complain about even that.

You have your female character, the online character. But NO main character should be female for the main story. Absolutely not.

Stop being butthurt. It simply wont be the same game.
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Posted 26 December 2017 - 01:54 AM Edited by Helegad, 26 December 2017 - 02:01 AM.

These days it seems like we always just have to have women in leading roles for some reason, even if it's entirely inappropriate. The Housers have explained this before. Who gives a sh*t whether the protagonist is male or female? Only females.


It's a f*cking nasty ass trend, some juvenile game of getting even that ends in disaster when it goes to lengths to really try and "make it up" to the women for no solid reason at all. Case in point: Ghostbusters 2.


I might not have such a problem with it if I didn't have to sit through cutscene/scene after cutscene/scene of awful, ditzy jokes and writing that caters towards how the protagonist feels about the events around them.


OH, and before I forget, the males in each female-oriented story are 99% of the time either a rapist/murderer/pedophile/plain old stupid. Finding a solid, helpful male that doesn't start f*cking the girl at some point in one of these stories is like a needle in a haystack.


TL;DR: Male-oriented stories are interesting and universal. Female-oriented stories are cliched, ignorant, and catering to females only for the most part.

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Posted 26 December 2017 - 02:02 AM

These threads never work, sorry.

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