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GTA VI Set In Detroit

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That would be a nice stage for a game as GTA but the game would be pure Black gangsters. In Detroit there are no much foreign mafias and gangs. Pure Blacks and drunk Whites. I prefer Los Santos (again), San Fierro of Vice City. Even Las Venturas.

This is actually true.

Hence why I’d prefer Chicago to be included because it’s got a good ethnic mix of gangs.


This. While I do think Detroit is a potentially good location for GTA with it's rampant crime and violence together with the ethos of the city's decline from grace with the fall of the automotive industry can be great material for Rockstar to satirize on, but Chicago is a more interesting locale that's larger in scale while maintaining the dreary, industrialized Midwestern atmosphere of Detroit. Chicago simply has a much more interesting history relating to organized crime. The Chicago Mob, the Gangster Disciples, Latin Kings, the amount of homicide killings and burglary, the corrupt gov't and police force, and even more. Chicago is known to be the most violent and gang infested city in America, with murders reaching one of it's highest numbers back in 2016.


Chicago has more reach for pop culture references, more iconic and popular architecture, and a larger variety of ethnicity with a large portion of Asians, Blacks, Latinos, Italian-Americans, together with Whites. While I am not dissing or shaming Detroit, I just find more potential with a Chicago-based setting. 


Pretty much. Chicago is the much bigger and more diverse city. Several million people compared to Detroit's couple hundred thousand, and plenty more gangs (which Trump constantly brings up during speeches like if he's gonna take care of it). If any Midwestern location gets in a GTA game as a main city, it's going to be Chicago. Detroit may or may not come second if they did multiple cities (personally, I always thought Chicago and Detroit in the same game is kind of dumb since Detroit is really far away from Chicago, it's not exactly across Lake Michigan which is what I think some people have the idea of, Detroit sits on the completely opposite side of the state of Michigan along a river and borders Canada, but then I guess LA and SF and Vegas are really far from each other in real life and all got shoved together in SA).

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