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What are you doing to prepare for RDR2?

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  • wagszilla


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Posted A week ago

Living my life, not worrying about it

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Posted 6 days ago

Selling the car and getting a horse
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  • Jacobic_☢

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Posted 5 days ago

Building a pc and getting upset that R* wont release it for pc.

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  • Wavybone216

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Posted 5 days ago

Guess Ill just keep playing GTA V/Online until RDR II Gets here.....

  • Efreet

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Posted 5 days ago

More Western movies to watch until I go drunk. 

  • Cozzi

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Posted 5 days ago

Guess Ill just keep playing GTA V/Online until RDR II Gets here.....

NO! that's what they WANT you to do! We need to act like children and DDoS servers until we get tour game!! (lol. no.)

  • FlatFX


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Posted 5 days ago

buying more shares of Take Two Interactive

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    How much for the benz?!

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Posted 5 days ago Edited by BUT THE BENZ, 5 days ago.

okay I got my tattoo...that was step 1! now here comes step 2 which is a) for real, and b) waaaay better than some shady tattoo on your forehead or something!


got an x-bone from a friend of mine, I FINALLY get to replay RDR, again, "remastered" or whatever it's called. this is so awesome, because I wanted to do another re-play since it was re-released. and back then when RDR was fresh I didn't even have a TV at all, was playing it on my monitor via adapter etc....I could have gotten way more out of it. now I will!


I get to see it again, this time on the big screen, AND "remastered". I somewhat can't believe it :D after setting up the console (dude wiped the thing clean before he gave it to me) I installed the game this morning, but I fell asleep in the process because I was just back from my graveyard shift and setting up the goddamn thing took longer than it should have. never owned a microsoft console + I was stoned, and I just got back from an 8 hours-shift at the lunacy ward. CHALLENGE! anyhow, I failed just on the last mile, the finishing line was in sight but I couldn't make it. all good though because right now, IF I had the time, I just gotta PRESS PLAY and I'm back on my wild west sh*t. amazing!


the anticipation for it man, for a game I've already finished multiple times. I wouldn't want the latest AC/CoD/BF/WoW(whatthef*ckever)....because games these days....f*ck NO, not today thank you kindly, my heart is filled with joy!

srsly, I gotta stop rambling but I just LOVE RDR and this will be a blast! and there is no better way to anticipate the follow-up to this masterpiece than simply replaying the 1st!


when I start and get into it tonight I hope to do a 2to3 hours stretch and unlock the deadly assassin outfit. after that I can take things slow again with the story and all. always done it like that!


EDIT: SPECIAL thanks to THE BENZ for making this masterpiece happen! when it was just TOO DARK for everyone else to see and all hope was lost, it was THE BENZ who saw a way out and led them all towards the light! MAD PROPS!


    How much for the benz?!

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Posted 4 days ago Edited by BUT THE BENZ, 4 days ago.

holy moly...I forgot how f*ckin good it was! RDR > GTA V/Online. and daaaaaaamn it looks beautiful! I said before that if RDR2 looks just like GTA V I will be more than pleased! but man, RDR looks so nice on the big screen. I never noticed that John carried a golden revolver in the intro scene and during his run up to fort mercer?! also that one rifle seemed to have at least a golden stench. I never saw the game in such detail. amazing!


and I almost nailed it last night...almost! Had I found a gentleman stupid enough to challenge to me to a duel in Armadillo I would have gotten that deadly assassin outfit during my first run. I played for 3 hours straight at least, failed missions a couple of times due to the handling but I got into it and made progress left and right. on my way from A to B, or more like B to M, I picked up important stuff, started the challenges, saving the treasure hunter dude etc.


but nobody wanted to duel me in armadillo...maybe I just gotta make a little more progress. I certainly will!

EDIT: yeah, jumped back in, motel in armadillo, 1st thing outside that happens: DUEL! deadly assassin outfit, CHECK!


one of the best games ever made!

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  • Sammionna


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Posted 4 days ago Edited by Sammionna, 4 days ago.

The best way to prepare for the game is by simply not worrying about it. You won't believe how quickly time passes when you clear your mind of everything you're looking forward to. When the delay came, I wasn't angry or upset as I knew it would make the rest of the wait feel like a lifetime. 2017 has absolutely flown by, and the next few months are going to be even faster in my opinion.         


RDR2 will be here in no time if you just don't think about it!  ;)

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  • MisFit-138


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Posted A day ago

Watching the old Eastwood flicks. Fistful of dollars, for a few dollars more, the good the bad the ugly, high plains drifter, two mules for sister sarah, and Unforgiven. Finished Deadwood again, about to watch Westworld again (hbo show, not the old movie)

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