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[GTAO] The Bought It, Sold It Thread

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  • Tekno_Gecko

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Posted A week ago

Only thing i ever bought then sold immediately waa the Revolter.
Ended up buying the windsor instead afterwards
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  • SergioMath

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Posted A week ago

Many in my list...








Roosevelt Valor

Buccaneer Custom (I have bennified it thrice, and thrice sold as well, normal Buccaneer yay)


Half track

Dune Buggy



The list would be way longer if I could sell the armored boxville, ruiner and their siblings...

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  • DentureDynamite


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Posted A week ago Edited by DentureDynamite, A week ago.

Too many to remember lol, but of the ones I do recall:


- Brawler (pretty much useless vehicle)
- Tempesta (not bad; just not better than my Entity XF or Zentorno)


I'll be purging several other vehicles soon, including the Havok; possibly also the Vigilante--it it had better armor I'd consider keeping it.


IMO, the Thruster is a definite keeper; it's the Buzzard's long-lost brother. :)

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  • Smokewood

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Posted A week ago

So you guys don't test drive first?


lol seriously, get someone in game to let you test one out before you buy... common sense.


At the very LEAST watch a youtube video first....

  • tasic89

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Posted A week ago



I bought a lot of stuff that I don't use too much, or are "obsolete" due to new items added in the game. For all of them I had a "buyer remorse" in some moment of my gta career just because "if I could only sell that Valkyre, or If I saved money instead of buying yacht on discount, I could now easily buy _______ " . But I wanted those item in the past, just bcs of some variety in the game or something.


I never bought and never will buy golden luxor or bombushka, bcs they are super useless.


Because my gta online "career" started late, in july 2017, I think that I made all the right moves in the beginning. CEO, IE VW (cheapest, but at start when you have limited resources, that was the best move), than mc, coke and bunker. Vehicles - Kuruma armored, buzzard. This are what you need honestly. If I would start again, than Arcadius, LaPuerta VW, integrity way, route 68 bunker, zacundo river facility would be mine purchases, including kuruma and buzzard. Teleport stuff and everything is super close (route 68 facility seems better, but that hill and random parking my cars in facility made me hate it).

TL;DR - I regret really only spending too much money, around 3-4 millions on hangar style/layout options. I just wanted a good combination of colors and that, but now - I think that spending that much money on hangar was super stupid from me. The ones I buy and sold after - RB E7, Tempesta, XA21 and some other super cars, just because I find them useless in 2017/2018 to own, bcs everybody is using some kind of weaponized vehicle in online session, and I dont know anyone who actually admires your car (only for t20 i received "compliments" xD ). Everybody is just using your non armored cars for easy kill :D Also Shotaro - ugly AF for me, and only slightly better than Bati 801, but comparing to price... Since I am not a racing type, I dont regret a bit of selling that one. Vagner was a "instant" super car that was sold - it was too "light" for my driving style, very good handling, but in free roam even slight collision with an object made it spining or something xD
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  • xwinkx_girlYakuza

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Posted A week ago


I feel your pain op. But no matter how much i hate something i have a 5 day before selling rule. I'd only use that vehicle for the next 5 days if i happen to hate it upon purchased(the ones i love i don't do this). I'd use it to do missions, free roam, heists(if possible). After 5 days, I was amazed at how many vechicle grew on me. There were tons of them i can't wait to sell as well.. maybe i'm frugal  :lol:


ps. but before the 5 day rule i bought and sold the regular Kuruma in 3 minutes coz i thought i had to buy the regular version and upgrade it to the armored version.. that was a sad day for me coz i only had enough to buy the armored one  :cry:   

I like the idea of the 5 day rule. For me, I don't play so much as I used to, so I often give it a little longer simply due to not being online.

However, there have been a few cases where it was more like a 5 minute rule... good grief, while some cars looked great, they ended up just being completely useless!


(and not that this looked great, because seeing it here made me throw up my rice cake, a little)



Oh my.. that car :monocle:

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  • Zarpy


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Posted A week ago

i try not to sell anything immediately after buying it simply because im careful with my money (well i was before glitching) but one thing I did insta-sell was one of the Schafter's I believe because I bought the wrong one :p

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  • KD142000


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Posted A week ago

Well, I may get hated on for this, but the T20.

In short I despise this car. It's so smug, if you catch my drift. My friends in GTAO ALL have T20's so it's such a common car to me. It's ugly, uninspired and the car it's based on is just as ugly and smug. It has no interesting qualities...no cool exhausts, lights...nothing. It's boring. I hate the damn thing and I always will! Aren't supercars supposed to be interesting as well as fast?! Looks like they missed that memo.

Sold in literally 10 seconds of owning it. Sad excuse for a car!

  • irish.chr

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Posted A week ago

Aren't supercars supposed to be interesting as well as fast?! Looks like they missed that memo.

If you call ugly space ships with 60 mile long spoilers "interesting" then sure...

Killer Whale
  • Killer Whale

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Posted A week ago

Rapid GT and Banshee 900R... three times.


Worst part is that I rebought them... and sold them yet again.


They were better times, economy was better.

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Posted A week ago

The weaponized Tampa. Bought it last week, used it once to do criminal damage then realized I didn't really like it & had no real use for it otherwise. 

Gettin up
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Posted 3 days ago

Bought Coil Cyclone drove it 2 times, sold it.

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Posted 3 days ago

Rapid GT, then i realised that there's Massacro.

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Posted 3 days ago

Rapid GT and Banshee 900R... three times.


Worst part is that I rebought them... and sold them yet again.


They were better times, economy was better.

Says it all, right there.

The properties I bought in 2014 aren't doing it for me. I wish we could just sell them back.
From 2-car garages to Bunkers, Offices, and Facilities.

Funny how we can buy vehicles and sell them back, but not other items in the game that cost so much more.

Also, I just bought the new Viseris and while it's a decent car, it just feels heavy and limited.
Sure, you can give it weapons, but I don't need another rolling reticule while I drive around LS.

Not sure... I'll have to keep it for a while, for now, but really... I'd love to get rid of that Hangar. <sigh>


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Posted 3 days ago Edited by -Silence*, 3 days ago.

Just did this one; the Comet Safari. Ordered it, shipped it to LSC (never drove it), built a pretty sweet looking one, only to find out the camera angle's on it make it useless to drive since you can't see over the roof and directly in front of the car. Drove from the city up to Paleto bay, snapped a few pics then sold it, which is a shame because it was actually pretty fun to drive. 

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